6V lighting solution

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by snarlofdisgust, Nov 17, 2012.

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    I'll let you in on a little secret. In about 4 weeks time, Wonderful creations will be releasing a 12 volt Platinum Series "combined 5 amp generator and electric start" kit, complete with optional 8 amp lithium battery and 12 volt cigarette lighter style power outlet socket, to run 12 volt appliances, should you ever need a 12 volt power supply to run a lap-top, or GPS device or recharge your cell phone, or run an electric air pump or heated clothing or even a 12 volt car kettle to make a decent cup of coffee on a long journey.

    Naturally the generator/starter motor combo will run LED lights.
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    what kind of cash for that system Fabian?
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    Oh that's easy to answer: you get what you pay for.
    If you want a quality product that's born out of a new and innovative design, someone has to pay for the R & D in the final unit price.

    If you want to acquire this product, then you'll do whatever you have to do to make it happen, be it, getting a second job or selling your body on the street.
    I'm desperate to get this new "must have item" and prepared shred every aspect of my moral integrity to make it happen; selling my body on the street for a few weeks, because an honest paying second job just won't make enough money.
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    Well, seeing how I just spent 450 on some decent safety gear I'm not really too concerned with price. I just want it to work when I bolt it on.

    They make this kit, but it needs a battery which tells me you can't use it for extended periods.

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    because I want something that works doesn't mean I'll pay anything they ask....why would it
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    The reason why the new lighting kit hasn't been released yet is because they want to make sure that it will operate with bullet proof reliability.

    Don't make assumptions about the new kit when you haven't seen the specifications.
    Just keep your wallet stuffed with 100 dollar bills and be ready to claw other peoples eyes out to be the first in line when it gets released.

    Naturally because i've been the driver making this new project happen, i'll be the first in line to get the new combined generator/electric start unit.
    It's going to be a sensational bit of kit!

    I've got a few more concepts that i want to bring to fruition and Wonderful Creations is prepared to get the ball rolling because i'm putting "money up front" to "make it happen", and i don't care how much money it costs to make it happen; even if it means selling my body on the street for a few more weeks, then so be it.
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    because if you want the best and are prepared to pay for it, money isn't the obstacle preventing acquisition of the product. It's scarcity that prevents you from acquiring the product; people then clawing each others eyes out, paying whatever they have to pay to get a high quality low volume "must have" item.

    The new combined generator/electric start kit is a high quality low volume "must have" item.

    Racie35 You might want to join me, selling your body on the on the street, but it will be worth it :grin5:
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    okay...I'll do it.......but for the fun!
  11. Fabian

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    Oh yes, the electric start will be joyous fun. I'll spend hours in the garage hitting the starter button; completely abandoning my girlfriend for the duration of the evening.

    Standing on the street corner with the backside cut out of a set of leather pants could be somewhat drafty and pose a few issues for family and friends, should they discover how i make my second income stream for special projects, but when you want electric start, with no honest method of paying for it, you have to lower your morality into the gutter.

    At the end of the day (and after you've spent 3 weeks burning through every shred of moral righteousness to acquire "must have", mechanised bicycle accessories) the Catholic Church is always there to welcome sinners into their flock, and if that fails, you can bank on the welcoming arms of Scientology as a backup plan to restore your moral credentials; just in time for the next "must have" item - an electronic ignition system with weatherproof digital display and selectable, externally adjustable advance curves, for dual spark plug cylinder heads.

    Get your credit card ready :tt1:
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    NewPro02.jpg I think Grubee already came up with the idea of an electric start a few years ago, but I think it was just Vaporware, doctored in photoshop, so everyone would drool for hours end.

    Just as Grubee did, I can do the same with a Staton gearbox and make everyone envious and wildly mad to want one yesterday, albeit Grubee probably didn't use Microsoft Paint or Adobe Photoshop, but just sat the darn thing right next to the engine and snapped away.


    AKA: BigBlue
  13. Fabian

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    But does it have the capability to generate 5 amps; allowing remote use of an optional 8 amp lithium battery with 12 volt cigarette lighter style power outlet socket powering 12 volt appliances, should you ever need a 12 volt power supply to run a lap-top, or GPS device or recharge your cell phone, or run an electric air pump or heated clothing or even a 12 volt car kettle to make a decent cup of coffee on a long journey.

    Another issue that makes the Grubee electric start useless, is the length of the pull start/electric start system, which would most likely interfere with pedal crank arm movement, not to mention getting damaged any time the bike were to fall on the left hand side, especially if moving.

    Even if you could purchase the Grubee design, you still get what you pay for and the Grubee electric start is isn't worth a crumpet".

    Oh yes, and when i say droll for hours, i mean drool for hours because you can be transfixed, scrolling through the info coming out of the handle bar mounted weatherproof digital display, showing charge current, discharge current, battery charge, battery discharge rate, time to full charge.

    Did the Grubee system do that!!!
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    Don't care, this is vaporware as far as I'm concerned.

    If you haven't used the products I'm referring to then don't post, I don't care about your spam magic 12v generator because it doesn't exist. I DO care about the products I posted with questions about, if this forum is full of AD trolls I'll just go use another one.
  15. Fabian

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    Arrivederci monsieur.

    I'll send you a link to my installation tutorial after it's bolted onto my bike, sans magic and vapourware.

    Wish you all the best on a different forum.