79cc Lifan Engine Mods?


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May 17, 2010
tillotson fuel injection carb will fit your phatmoto 212 predator and make more power... 40$
Tillotson TCT Mechanical Fuel Injection - GoPowerSports.com
Rating: 5 - ‎4 votes - ‎$39.95 - ‎In stock
GO FAST WITH TILLOTSON TCT MECHANICAL FUEL INJECTION. This is a direct replacement for your Predator 212cc or any Honda 6.5hp clone carburetor

i only found out about this the other day myself.

there was talk of other sizes circa 2016 but no more details still.

looking into them...whilst they start easy and give good low speed performance (no bogging etc) they lack in the high end due to small venturi sizes.

ie, expect more power at low speeds, but dont expect an increase in top speed. the exact opposite actually.

still for $40 (more like AU$140 after the exchange rate and shipping...) it could be worth a try...i wanna see how one deals with turbocharging...

David Knott's

Great info,thank you! I already welded up a straight pipe,and had no power/speed increase from it. I’ll try a 22mm carb like you suggested. Maybe that and the pipe together will give me a tad more. I’d love to see a 212cc predator engine on one of these Phatmoto bikes instead of that 79cc Lifan engine. I just want to see somebody do it first so I have something to follow along to.
Is the predator 212cc engine base the same size as the original Rover engine