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  1. fatboy67

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    I have brought for $24 5 litres of outboard 2 Stroke
    That is $24 Aus dollars

    Valvoline Outboard 2 Stroke
    NMMA TC-W3 Synthetic Fortified Marine Oil
    Enhanced Deposit Protection.

    It says suitable for water cooled AND Air cooled engines.

    I haven’t use any of it as yet and still have the receipt So I can take it back for a refund, But I can’t see why it wouldn’t work in my 48cc HT motor.
    Can anyone tell me if I should not use it???????

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  2. Skyliner70cc

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    As a motorized bike forum, you will be hard pressed to find an unbiased opinion. I suggest you take your question to www.bobistheoilguy.com Just don't call your engine a happy time and explain you want to use this oil in a poor quality Chinese built 2 stroke engine. You'll get some great answers.
  3. Pablo

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    BITOG in the Power Sports section is good advice.

    Ideally that oil isn't what you want in this engine. OTOH, mixed rich enough it will work.......but no promises.
  4. fatboy67

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    Is there a reason that you know of. Is it to thin. I have emailed Valvoline to see what they say.
    I haven't used it as yet and I can return it. It does say that you can mix it with unleaded or leaded petrol, it is for water cooled and air cooled motors.

    I just wanted to know if it's not suitable......OK why? I'm hoping that Valvoline will answer this. I have a boat but it's not a 2 Stroke. I know that you can't use a cheap 2 Stroke oil in a outboard, but I thought that you might be able to use a quality 2 stroke outboard oil in a cheap air cooled motor. I suppose I will have to return it. As I have been writting this a friend on the phone said that Valvoline have a 4 litre oil for my bike around the same price.
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    there isnt any difference between outboard 2 stroke and other 2 stroke oil. i run valvoline multi purpose 2 cycle oil says its for lawn mowers, chain saws, outboard motors, jet skis, motorcycles and snowblowers
  6. Skyliner70cc

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    There is a difference but there are also oils such sa the one you use that have multiple certifications and meet specs for both. Blanket statements that they are no differences aren't completely accurate.

    Here is a good read regarding differences: http://www.theultralightplace.com/choosing_oil.htm
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  7. arceeguy

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    My understanding is that it is fine to use TCW-3 oils with air cooled engines, as long as those engines aren't considered "high performance". "High performance" 2 strokes would be the ones in dirt bikes, and snowmobiles. Weed trimmers and happy time engines will probably be fine. When I owned a boat, I used Mercury outboard oil in all of my lawn and garden equipment. Now that I don't own a boat, I use Mobil 1 MX2T Synthetic in all of my 2 stroke equipment. Mobil discontinued it a little while ago, but there are a lot of quality synthetic 2 cycle oils out there. These bikes don't use much fuel, so why skimp? :)
  8. mark2yahu

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    Outboard motor marine oil should be fine for a land-based machine such as a motorized bike.

    There must be some difference in the formulation of marine oil; maybe it takes into consideration the seawater that is in the air where these engines are operating.

    On the subject of 2-stroke oils, a friend of mine recommended "Royal Purple" 2-stroke oil. I don't know anything about it, but I know that all of his HT bikes run well.
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  9. alex

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    tc-w3 ooutboard oil is meant to run in a much cooler-running engine (all outboards are water-cooled) so, the oil isn't as thick or lubricating as air-cooled engine oil. And if you put that oil in a very hot-running ht engine at the same mixture, and run it for long periods of time, you might have an engine failure.
  10. spad4me

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    I wish my local stores would carry royal purple 2 stroke oil.

    The best local oil is on clearance due to the EPA.
    Mobil 1 2t for $1.00 a quart.
  11. arceeguy

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    That's the stuff I use. (Mobil 1 MX2T or Racing 2T) How is the EPA responsible for Mobil discontinuing the oil? There seems to be plenty of other "high performance" synthetic two stroke oils out there, so why did they target Mobil 1?

    I am pretty well stocked with the Mobil 1, so I won't need any for a couple of years. Wish I could find someone selling the stuff on clearance for a buck! (I paid 6-7 bucks a quart)
  12. Skyliner70cc

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    EXACTLY. You'll lots of piston scuffing and eventual loss of power and if you are lucky, eventual engine failure if you don't realize you have lost lots of power and your engine isn't running as reliably.
  13. Skyliner70cc

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    I noticed you fouled a plug (as posted in BITOG). Have you considered lowering your castor content? 50/50 is much too much castor; all you need a touch 10-20% to do its magic. I haven't fouled a plug yet but suspect i will now that I'm running 100% castor. I don't mind fouled plugs, a minor inconvenience.
  14. Pablo

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    Not so much castor which was running fine - but stale premix with castor. I knew I was chancing it. My tank was nearly dry, so I dumped in some month old stuff. It immediately ran like khrap. Then it fouled the plug. Moral of the story: Ethanol fuel is bad enough, but mixed with castor oil and aged a month is no good. So now I'm back to 100% Dominator mixed fresh, at 30:1. Engine is running great.
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    Thanks for your reply.
    It says on the back of the container suitable for watercooled and air cooled.
  16. fatboy67

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    Thanks everyone for your replies. I mainly wanted to educate myself to see if there is any differance and what it is. If I'm not 100% sure I'll just take it back. Just that it was a synthetic oil and very cheap. I might just keep it for my lawn mower and whipper snipper.
    Anyway here is what Valvoline said.
    Hi Gilbert,
    Was your bicycle store purchased, or home built?
    If store purchased, it should have a handbook, describing the oil to use.
    If home built, I would presume that you have used a garden type motor, ie whipper snipper etc.
    The outboard two stroke can be used in garden design motors, as long as using std unleaded fuel, and maintaining a 25:1 ratio.
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    has anyone used lucas semi-senthetic 2 stroke oil...
    i am tempted to use this oil, becuase this is the only good 2 stroke oil availabe at local stores??
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  20. HI,

    FWIW I used to use the 2 stroke oil they sell at Lowes called Pro Mix for all my 2 stroke equipment and HT engines.....then I decided to try the stuff they sell at Wal Mart in the blue gallon Jugs....like yours it says for Outboard motors but this one also mentions and air cooled engines....It seems "thinner" than the Lowes oil and calls for 2 more ounces to be added per gallon of gasoline than the Lowes oil....I haven't had any problems so far BUT I have been putting in just a little more oil "just in case"....I may try running less oil in the future but the oil was so much cheaper than what I was using I figure an extra ounce or 2 per gallon is not all that much...Doesn't seem to smoke or run any hotter than usual....