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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by thepassionneverdies, Mar 10, 2010.

  1. thepassionneverdies

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    I'm getting ready for college next year and with the way the economy is I haven't been able to find a job and would love to start selling MB for some extra money. I was thinking about selling it for $300 with the motor built in and since I can built them for around $240ish I make a $60 dollar profit now I am just figuring out where and how to sell them any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Esteban

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    I don't think that is a big enough mark-up to cover your costs & make a profit, too. If you are going to have $240 in a MB, completed, & want to sell it for $300,, you are cutting yourself might short. What about labor ? What about a little extra profit to cover the extra parts to replace the broken parts you may have with the cheap motor kits & bicycles ? Will you have a warranty ? Shipping costs ? Liability concerns ? Spare parts ? , etc. You may wind up having to get permits/licenses, etc. There are a few , here in Fl., that do that & sell the finished bike & kit for $395. You could sell some completed bikes for less, if you got the biks used.
  3. darwin

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    Ive had both of my bikes for sale for 3 months now and all I get are looky lous enquiring about it. I really dont care if I sell or not but in order to build my next build I need to sell one of them. To me the prices are fair, on 1 $1200 invested and asking $600 its 2 years old now. The other have about $400 plus in it and asking $500. Both are great looking bikes and work flawlessly with lots of extras.......I dont know what the problem is about selling them. Maybe when GOOD weather hits my luck will change. One things for sure I wont give them away, Ill ride them till im old n gray LOL.......I think most folks who get into MABs at 1st are mostly tinkerers and want to build it themselves ???????????
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  4. give me vtec

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    I would seriously look into liability insurance first... or at least have a good lawyer draft a really good liability release form.

    Just a hint of caution from the land of the lawyers and the lawsuit happy. All it takes is one faulty chain tensioner and a nasty accident... then you for sure wont have any college money.

    A bad lawsuit is the #1 reason I dont want to build them for a living.

    If you do build them.... I highly suggest using a better kit from GEBE or Staton that wont break... and then charge a little more. If you use the HT kits it will be nothing but trouble for you.
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  5. thepassionneverdies

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    I'm looking into getting a waiver for them to sign clearing me of all responsibilities if something happens after they buy it I am just trying to figure out where to sell it at and how to advertise it. My friend put his on craiglist and so far no one has inquired about it and from my research it does not look people are selling them on ebay.
  6. motorpsycho

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    Are you planning on backing up what you sell? like if i buy a bike from you and i get it with broekn parts due to shipping...will you replace those parts for free?
    so many times i hear of people buying engines or complete bikes that sustain damage during shipping and then the seller will not cover the the buyer ends up having to spend more $$ for replacement parts, and wait for them to arrive.
  7. Dilly Bar Rob

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    Agreed, $60 profit isn't worth your time and the potential headaches. Probably even less profit then you think. How many hours does it take you to build one? How many $ would you make an hour if you sell for that price? Will you make more then working at a fast food joint? Doubtfull...

    I build my bikes for fun, to ride and to potentially sell. I do the best job I possibly can so that I and others feel safe on the thing. It takes me way too long to do it "right", I price the bike accordingly high because of that. I still make a lot less on it (per hour) then I make at my not so well paying regular job, but thats ok, it's a hobby. A high price at least keeps "kids" and other potentially non responsible people (ie lost drivers license etc) away. If sold I want the bike to get into the hands of somebody technically inclined who will ride it responsibly and do proper maintenance, understand that it is just a "chinese" kit and fix it himself without complaining when something brakes. If I don't sell it-great! I have another bike to ride around :)

    There is an older motorized raleigh in the city not far from here that has been up for sale on kijiji for the last 2 months. It looks shoddy (ie slapped a motor on a old bike, thats it), guy wants $200 (canadian$) for it (went down from 300 a month ago), it is still for sale. These things don't exactly sell like hotcakes (not here anyway). I have thought about buying it just for the motor, but it's a 50cc and I prefer (and have good luck) with the 66's (80's).
  8. thepassionneverdies

    thepassionneverdies New Member

    Building it and adjusting the chain and everything I probably spent a good five hours on it and I would cover parts if it is shipped and something is broken if I could charge more mainly because I don't think I can make more than 300 on it. If you guys think 500 would be fair for a bike I would have no problem having buying protection and all that kind of stuff.
  9. Wheres my dog

    Wheres my dog New Member

    Very true...

    The first guy who wipes out on some sand or gravel will say it was built wrong...

    And then the cost of having extra parts... we are talking about an HT setup here, something will go wrong!
  10. happycheapskate

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    You might do ok just selling the kits to people. But do get a lawyer speak release form anyway.
  11. fasteddy

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    As Dilly Bar Rob said, the bike has been for sale for a long time. The reason probably is that the max fine for riding a gas powered bike you built yourself on the roads in BC is a $5,000 fine, up to 2yrs in jail, loss of your drivers licence and the fact you will need two very good jobs to pay for insurance when you get it back.

    The province is self insuring so they write all the laws so that they come out on top. You buy your insurance from an agent but the province backs it up and does any pay outs.

    Check out the laws where you live. You may have to register the bikes as the manufacturer before they can be put on the road.

  12. thepassionneverdies

    thepassionneverdies New Member

    Looked into that all that needs to be done in california is to register for eighteen dollars no license is required if the motor is under 80cc. I thought about selling the kits but ill be charging more for the same product
  13. seanhan

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    Just Rember that once you start selling them, The Buyers are going to expect FREE tech support for Life !!!!!!

    Poeple are stupid and think they did you a faver for buying something from you.
  14. seanhan

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    I used to build computers and sell them , I had people calling me 5 years later !!!!!
    Hey this thing is slow !!!!! are you sure you built it right ?????
    Well excuse me but it's now obsolete you dip **** !!!!!
  15. thepassionneverdies

    thepassionneverdies New Member

    thanks for all the responses and about the computer building...I am trying to start a computer repair business too but didnt want to put all my eggs in one basket so i thought about selling MB too
  16. Dilly Bar Rob

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    Ah, a fellow BC member who checks kijiji for "50cc" :grin5: If that bike drops to $100 or better yet ends up in the free section I will probably get it for parts, as kamloops is close to where I live (1hr30min drive-close by our standards). There are 2 Tomos 50cc mopeds on there now for 1100 each, waiting to see if the price goes down....

    Yeah BC's stance towards these things is pretty sad, they have it all so well figured out, seems that no loopholes are left :shout:

    thepassionneverdies: maybe try and sell one or two to people you know really well first, see how that goes. Build the bikes to your best ability. Are you using new cheap bikes (walmart), or older bikes? If older be sure to repack all the bearings, adjust brakes & everything, thinking about it you probably want to do that even with a new bike now-a-days. Break the bike in, try to get 100km on it (at least), work out ALL the bugs along the way, make sure no more of them are likely to pop up once sold. Make sure you tell the buyer that you did all that, tell him about the "weak spots" and about what you did to make them better. Sell it for around $600 . If no sale, you have the wrong buyer :goofy:
  17. fasteddy

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    Dilly Bar Rob, when I was looking at what was allowed for MB in BC I found out two groups showed up in Ottawa to seek input into the rules that were being drawn up.

    One was Ford because they were making e-bikes at the time and the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia to make sure that they could screw us out of having anything that might cost them money.

    Ya, hour an half is close here,where your $400,00 house is 5 hours from work.

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