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    So i ordered this bike over a month ago once i saw it online, knowing i would want to build it eventually when i had time. Well now i have time, and i see others are building this bike too, most notably Mr. KC; so thats good. Bikes looking good so far, did a rear gas tank rather than make an awesome one or use the stock one. IMG_0837 copy.jpg .Made the rear gas tank rack partly from the rack that came with the tank and partly from the brackets that were on the original rack, (cut and drilled to size). tank2.jpg . Besides needing the offset intake, the only problem I'm now having is with the lower mount. mount1.jpg .I made this mount out of the large mount that came with the kit with some modified spacers, but I'm not digging the fit too much. Might consider making something new or buying a mount from SBP. mount 3.jpg . Once i get the intake in ill finish the build.

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  2. MotorBicycleRacing

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    Could you please tell me the measurement from the front of the motor to the down tube in this pic?
  3. schwinn123

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    from the downtube to the engine block (not stud) its roughly 22mm or .80 inch. Hard to get a good measurment now that the temporary mount is in place.
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  4. KCvale

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    First things first, remove the studs in the front mount.
    Whatever you use as spacer plate you want to put grade 8 bolts from it into the engine base.

    Then a good U-bolt muffler clamp on the frame for another flat mounting spot really really fat bolt size (the U-bolt).

    Get that right and you are golden ;-}
  5. schwinn123

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    Awesome KC, thanks for that. The plate I'm using is the plate from the extra mount that came with the engine kit. Im debating on ordering the SBP or similar plate from somewhere. But whichever plate i use, i will use your advice. Thanks again.
  6. KCvale

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    My pleasure S123, I like helping others as much as doing it in the first place.

    Nobody sells a complete package of parts to reproduce my front mount, and I have a better plan for one when I have time, but contact me privately and I'll see what I can package up for you.
  7. schwinn123

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    Thanks alot, im pretty sure i got a good mount going on here, ill post a pic as soon as i take one, im having a bit of clearance issues with the chain against the frame. I know you did not use a tensioner, but how close were you to the frame on your build? im not sure if its the crappy tensioner throwing me off or my positioning of the motor. Still waiting for my offset intake, but now this is my only holdup, then this baby will be ready for sale. IMG_0914.jpg IMG_0915.jpg IMG_0916.jpg
  8. schwinn123

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    Update again. Still having chain issues. Not running straight enough and wants to jump off sprocket. It seems due to the oval shape of the frame rail and the tensioner not wanting to aim straight. What to do what to do....

    update. I was able to shim the pulley of the tensioner and it gave me some clearance. i thinki shouldbe ok, once its running ill know for sure.
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  9. dougsr.874

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    I put mine in a vise and bent the upright metal piece so that it stands straight up
  10. schwinn123

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    That's an idea, I'll give that a shot, thanks Doug.
  11. KCvale

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    I usually bolt the tensioner on without the pulley and just use a big Cresent wrench to bend the mount to straight.

    This was disappointing to see.


    A muffler clamp is ~$1.50 at the auto parts store so are not trying to secure a flat plate to a tube.
  12. schwinn123

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    im Confused about your comment, this is exactly a muffler clamp from an auto parts store. What would you rather see?
  13. schwinn123

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    Im sorry, im now realizing what i have wrong here. The parts are right, the order of them is wrong. Ill re-arrange them and try to make this better. Thanks for pointing that out KC. Hopefully i can straighten out this tensioner bracket too.
  14. butre

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    I would think modifying the rear mount (longer studs and a chunk of aluminum between the case and the rear mount) would be a better solution. it'll help the engine fill out the frame better for one, and it would be sturdier than the setup you've got
  15. KCvale

    KCvale Motorized Bicycle Vendor

    What you have is a U bolt and flat piece of steel.
    Note how your plate is already bent from tightening it on?

    This is a muffler clamp.


    It grips all the way around the downtube to give you a flat mounting spot that won't move or bend.
  16. schwinn123

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    Thanks KC, yeah i used the Ubolt from the muffler clamp and the flat plate. I was having some clearance issues and not being able to get the correct length bolts to put in place of the studs, and the ubolt not being long enough, thats why i went with the flat plate. Hard to explain without seeing it. I bent the tensioner and got that at the right angle but still having some alignment issues. I posted a reply on your thread, but i can't seem to get the chain perfect. Any thoughts?
  17. schwinn123

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    Well this build is done! At least i hope it is haha. I drove it around today everything seems good. Ill drive it for a couple more days before I'm ready to let it go. Took some messing around before i finally got the chain to run true. The offset intake i ordered, wasn't quite offset enough, so that needed to be heated and gently bent. Like PocketBike Jims build, i also didn't like the angle of the carb once the new intake was on, however everything seems to work well. I have the fix ready if need be, but ill leave it alone for now. Ran the cables through the frame tank with some grommets. Tightened things up a bit. Heres some ending pics for you guys. I hate how some of them upload sideways, oh well. Thanks again to KC and other for the wise words. IMG_0967.jpg IMG_0969.jpg IMG_0971.jpg
  18. KCvale

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    Turned out nice ;-}
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  19. PocketBiker

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    Nice job!

    Hey Schwinn,

    I was so busy with my Columbia, I guess I got a little "tunnel visioned" but I wanted to tell you that I really think your bike came out beautifully! Man, that rear tank is brilliant..... because it eliminates tons of money and WORK!!! It's such a clean install! If it were mine, I would drape the canvas bags over the top and it'd be set! Also really liked the way you routed cables through the mock tank. I tried to leave room over my inner tank for a few cables, but it's going to be tight.

    The chain that comes with my bike puts the rear axle bolt, right at the front opening of the slot which make be a little nervous. Is that typical?



  20. schwinn123

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    Thanks a lot Jim! Glad to hear you like it. Canvas bags would look great, if i were keeping it, i would throw them on too. Yeah, my rear wheel falls in the same spot, i guess adding a link to the chain could bring it back, but it doesn't seem like it should be a problem.