Anyone bought this yet?


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Apr 30, 2008
Boynton Beach, Fl

I wonder if the 40 tooth sprocket will fit right in or what...I wouldn't mind lowering the rpm's a bit at 25mph...but don't want to drop down to a 36t, which I think will bog me down too much... The chain looks like the stock chain, right?

Is this a good deal? I heard there was something different about LiveFastMotor's stuff....but I can't remember what.
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Assuming you have a 48 t now the same RPMs will buy you 30 mph with the 40 or 33mph with the 36 t.

I would go with the 36 and crouch into the wind. :)
I have a stock 44t...Worried that I'm going to be pedaling a lot more on the starts with the 36t...70cc HT motor. That's why I thought that 40t would be a good compromise.

How did you come up with these numbers? From your own tests, or is there some kind of chart out there?

Ive read that you gain about 1mph for every tooth you loose.
I have got the 44 stock sprocket, but wil try a 37 sprocket ive found.

I belive the kit were really CHEAP! Buy it! :)
I just installed a 36t sprocket last night. :D I was running a stock 44t. I ride 26mi round trip each day to work. I usually keep it at 20mph and the HT humms along. Greatpower on steep hills too.

However, I wanted to have higher speed at same engine RPM. So, I installed the 36T. So far, it is definetely a good upgrade. I EASILY went to 25mph. I cut down my ride time AND I was now able to go down those smaller steep hills without having to go into neutral because the bike was happy at those higher speeds that naturally occur going down shorter steeper hills.

You will have to peddle up steep hills, but hardly enough to break a sweat.

My 2cents?? Its worth moving to a 36t sprocket.

Im curious if it has any effect on my gas mileage though. I was getting 200 - 210 mpg with the 44t.
I love my 36T. And we even have some small hills here. Florida is so flat you should have no problems. A 40T will increase your speed by 4 or 5 mph, and save you even more on gas. Go for it !

Sure it will fit. Just cut a few links off of the chain. Don't cut the old chain, as it already fits the old 44T, and may be needed later.
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How did I arrive at those numbers?

Simple, fraction math. Divide the number of old teeth by the number of new teeth and multiply by your "happy speed".
Yeah, the price is right, so I'll do it. Good suggestion about the chain.

With the 36t, how bad is getting started? Does it bog down a lot? At what point do you get to the RPM's where the motor is happy and 2-stroking? (What mph?)

I don't think I'm getting nearly the gas mileage you are. But now that the speedo is not resetting, I can track it. I'm guessing more like 50mpg? Hard to tell because I like to top it off before I leave the house in case I want to cruise around before or after work (it's too short of a ride now!!!!) :)
This is armchair quarterbacking but starting should be easier with the 36t as you'll have more mechanical advantage. If yours is not an instant start you have more likelyhood of being able to keep pedalling as the motor turns over.

You'll have to pedal up to ~9 mph instead of 7 mph, not a fiasco IMO.
OK, well I bought the 40t deal for $15...can't really loose on this deal, since you can always make use of the chain, too.

I'll try it, then switch lower to 36t if I feel like I want more out of it at lower rpms.

Mine *will* start from a 1mph or so ride, but I try not to stress the clutch too much, so no, I don't mind pedaling a bit me a little exercise, too, and no worries - Florida's flat flat flat. :)

Too much fun! I'm actually glad now that I didn't buy the scoot or a motorcycle - I'd be buying MUCH more expensive accessories and upgrades for them, too!