Austin, Texas-friction drive Honda GXH 50- $350

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by tghastin, May 14, 2009.

  1. tghastin

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    I have a Staton friction drive Honda GXH 50. It was used on a bike I put it on, but only for 80.5 miles (there was an odometer on the bikes speedometer). As you can see in the pictures two mods have been done.

    1. It has a much nicer throttle. The stock one was too small, and not very good.

    2. I had a friend in a machine shop machine the aluminum bracket you see on one of the mounting rods. It can fit over disc brakes. There is no reason why you can't still use it on a bike with normal brakes.

    This kit sells for $630 new. I'm asking $350 plus shipping. USPS money order or cash will be fine.





  2. wilbur

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    What kind of m.p.g. and speed did you get ?.Thanks
  3. tghastin

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    It got about 160 mpg on full throttle about 90% of the time. It went 37-38 mph. I sold it earlier this week though.
  4. wilbur

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    I am looking at this engine for a my bike and I was wondering how heavy it made your bike feel due to it being offset the way you had it mounted .Was it quiet and was it powerfull?.Did you get any problems from the police and why did you sell anyway?Thanks.Did you have a kill switch?.
  5. Mountainman

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    mines close to the same

    #1--you don't notice it hardly at all

    #2--yes to both

    #3--varies from state to state -- town to town


  6. tghastin

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    #1 You hardly notice it, but the mounting system was a little inadequate. Every few miles you needed to readjust it because all the weight on one side caused the motor to tilt to that side. If you didn't adjust it part of the drive assembly would rub on the side of the tire

    2. Generally pretty quiet, but would backfire fairly loudly. You wouldn't need earplugs or anything. Powerful- it could accelerate as fast as a car would (notice i didn't say could) up to about 20 mph.

    3. Only encounter I had I got a thumbs up from them.

    4. Yes