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  1. rebelspirit

    rebelspirit New Member

    YO!!! If you are in Texas, especially Austin, I want to get together and ride.

    I live in Austin and ride the Happytime 70cc on a mountain bike frame. Native Austinite and motorcyclist, so I know some pretty sweet rides in the city. Plus we can do critical mass and hot rod shows and stuff. Trade ideas share tools, exchange parts, mods, etc...

    Would like to make a regular Motorbike "Gang" where we meet up once a week, twice a month or once a month at least. I am open to enjoying this group with all types of small motors including Mopeds and electric scooters/bikes within the same power range (max 40mph). I have a sense of humor about this, so the idea of a Motley Mob of Motorists definitely appeals to me.

    I will take resposibility for organizing meet-ups, planning rides and special events. All you have to do is show up and have fun. And bring your own beer money.

    If interested message me with your best contact email (one you actually check daily). I will never message you with non-ride related email, nor forward your address to anyone else.



    Rebelspirit, Austin TX

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  2. Scottm

    Scottm Guest

    Now I have a reason to go visit my grandmother in Austin. I suppose that's not nice to say. Too bad you're not closer to Fort Worth or vice versa. I hope you make some good friends like I have up here.
  3. turbo/chaos

    turbo/chaos Guest

    whats up im turbo of college station

    some of my customers are in austin
  4. alesterfeind

    alesterfeind Guest

    I love Austin. In fact, last week on my business trip I saw a motorized bike behind Botticelli's on South Congress. Was that yours Rebel? It looked like a daily rider. Keep us posted on any get togethers or rides. Maybe Scottm and I can work out a plan to go down there sometime.
  5. AGRO

    AGRO New Member

    behind Botticelli's

    Thats mine thanks, hope you liked it. I assume you mean the black white and red job locked behind the Continental club. Or was it that really nicely restored all black Whizzer one of our customers rides. Either way there are more great MBc's in Austin every month. Ride on!!!
  6. alesterfeind

    alesterfeind Guest

    Yeah, I think that was it. Funny that I just saw it and you posted here.
  7. AGRO

    AGRO New Member

    botticelli's again

    Thanks again for noticing, she's my pride and joy.....hauls my fat bum around and makes my mohawk look good too. If you ever get down here socially look me up I'd love to find more people to cruise around with. Happy Trails
  8. rebelspirit

    rebelspirit New Member

    Get together on sat may 31st

    Awesome responses!

    Turbo/chaos, if you would point anyone you know in Austin in the direction of this post that would be awesome.

    I will organize a Meet and Ride for the 31st of may. Give me a few days to iron out the details and I will post a full invite here.

  9. turbo/chaos

    turbo/chaos Guest

    sure iv been suplying plenty of bikes out ther and im talking to my aunt

    who is going to open up shop out there for motorized bicycles look for that comeing soon

    but i cant make it to the meet reason sons 4th birth day is that day

    then im hiting up the panama part of south america have a cousin out ther for that part then one is going to san antonio cousins out there

    got one of the mbc members here in arkansa who is buying kits and soon

    many more
  10. rebelspirit

    rebelspirit New Member

    My Bike

    This is my bike before and current-still a work in progress.

    I salvaged a banana seat skeleton from Yellowbike with a nice wide seatpan that I am going to upholster myself for comforts sake, toss a backrest on and it's chill ride time!

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  11. AGRO

    AGRO New Member

    whats the plan?

    Hey Reb, got another rider to join us on the 31. his names brent, and while he's not on the forum, he rolls an OCC Schwinn w/a 50cc chinagirl and some sweet custom electrical work including working brake lights. so whats the plan man? where we gonna meet, ride to, and when? Inquiring minds want to know.
  12. Bigwheel

    Bigwheel Member

    You Austin peeps should go to Willits shop @ 2401 Thornton Rd. and look in on the Chopper From ****, the only bicycle ever featured in Easy Rider Magazine. Say Hey to Wes from Bigwheel!
  13. blacktop_sailor

    blacktop_sailor New Member

    I'm just north of you guys in Round Rock.

    I'll be interested in participating as soon as I can figure out the logistics of motorizing my Spitfire.

    Glad to know there's some peeps around. :D
  14. frameteam2003

    frameteam2003 Member

    If-in ya'll get something going I'd also like to cruze in Austin sometimes this summer---maybe do a roll-in for Frankinbike.---sam
  15. AGRO

    AGRO New Member


    Seems Reb is offline for a while. I hope he's well and comes back soon. I'm gonna try to organize a run in late june, sometime after the 16th of June. PM anyone who's interested !!! when I have more concrete details I will post on this thread.
  16. AGRO

    AGRO New Member

    June 29th meet & ride

    Everyone is welcome to join a ride around Austin, Sunday June 29. We will be meeting up around 5pm and going from there. pm me about details, bring some cash, full fuel tank, sunscreen, and a sense of adventure. the rallypoint for this run will be Continental Club at 1315 S.Congress, the end point is up to discussion. Perhaps the Crown & Anchor for a cheap burger an a beer?
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  17. AGRO

    AGRO New Member

    Here We Go !!!

    Thanks to Blacktop and Triple T, hope your kits come soon, and to the other Austin area riders with temporarily broken wheels. Looks like it's just two of us for this one! Oh well I'm stoked that this ride is happening at all. Hope to hear from more of you next time, good luck with your repairs all.
  18. triple threat

    triple threat New Member

    Check out Texas Saddle Tramps forum thru quick links and social list rides and meets this is primarily for Texas riders.
  19. Matt_b

    Matt_b New Member

    I just got a yellow whizzer 24inch and have been cruising all over town( the otherday I went from downtown to stassney and congress) Ive been talking to some guy who works at music makers(next to the bicycle sportshop) he also has a whizzer. Other than that I dont know.,

    When I was waiting on my whizzer to come in I think I saw you on westgate riding northbound and was thinking man I wish I had mine already.
  20. AGRO

    AGRO New Member


    Welcome to the fun!!! Cant wait to meet you, We are going to ride again the end of the month (no date yet...suggestions welcome) so keep looking and I'll see you on the road!!!!