Best frame to use?

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  1. Eric29

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    Hey everyone! I recently received my 66cc Skyhawk engine kit (with a dent in the gas tank) anyways, I had to cancel my previous project due to the fact that the engine, gas tank, and muffler would not fit on the style of frame I was using (a female shimano cruiser) but my question is, what is the best frame style I can use, that will allow me to safely attach motor, gas tank etc...? Keep in mind, I want it to lean more towards a vintage style. Thanks!

  2. Cylon

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    Huffy Cranbrook or schwinn swindler 275
  3. butre

    butre Well-Known Member

    anything steel
  4. Nanonevol

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    What's wrong with aluminum?
  5. wheelbender6

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    The Cranbrook and equivalents will work fine. Older, steel pre-2000 beach cruisers are generally more durable and they ride smooth.
  6. 2old2learn

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    It's more prone to vibration fatigue. You would have to be more cautious if you had to drill any holes in it. It's lighter, which is desirable. When I've drilled it, I've always sleeved the hole with a stainless steel tube/sleeve to run my bolt through, flared both ends and used a nyloc nut and tightened carefully so as not to deform the aluminum. Most of the time it was on hang gliders.
  7. Bill M

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    Somethin like this...

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  8. 2old2learn

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    That should work fine. Looks like it will be a bit painful to ride though!
  9. SunkyWorks

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    Some versions with welded on rear racks I would avoid. Some have reported cracked frames.