Clutch bike won't move with clutch out....

Discussion in 'Transmission / Drivetrain' started by Sandman, Oct 22, 2010.

  1. Sandman

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    I don't even know what is wrong, but here is what happened.

    I was riding at about 15 mph after fixing a flat tire (this bike has it in for me) and all of a sudden my back wheel locks up and I go sliding, fortunately I didn't eat it. When I am fully stopped, which takes about 8 feet, my back wheel won't turn at all, as the main drive chain is locked up completely even when the clutch is fully disengaged. Of course I pop the kickstand down, to take a better look, and it won't go up. So while walking home I got a couple of nice deep gashes from it hitting my feet while walking. I get it home and find that my mounting bolts are bent, the cover to my airfilter is smashed to ****, the chain tensioner won't turn and is forced from the full up position to full down, and I can't get the cover on top of the clutch off because it is rather stripped. Can anyone help?

  2. HeadSmess

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    chain jammed up between the sprocket and case? glaringly obvious that one.

    the shaft bearings siezed, siezed good. harder to repair. complete strip and split engine.

    sure the clutch is actually disengaging?

    what about rolling backwards?
  3. Sandman

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    1.chain jammed up between the sprocket and case? glaringly obvious that one.
    I wish I could tell, still havn't been able to get the cover off of that and see, I tried jimmying a screwdriver in between the chain and sprocket and it didn't help. This is what I was thinking as the mountings were warped and twisted and fully useless when I got home and took a look, it slamed down against my back upright supports at about 15mph.

    2.sure the clutch is actually disengaging?
    well the swing arm is moving when I depress the clutch lever, so I assume that it is, again can't tell without being able to get it apart. The screws for the cover are stripped to ****.

    3. what about rolling backwards?
    the back tire will not move in either direction.

    Since my mounting bracket and bolts were screwed up, even when I get the clutch working I won't be able to ride it yet. Where would I find suitable replacement parts locally? This bike has been down for a week already as I had to special order a new tire as this thing uses 26x1.375 inch tires and someone decided to slash my tire when I was at a gas station a week before taking up the last pump. I use this thing to commute and am on the bus more than I am on it recently...:veryangry:
  4. echelonunit37

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    Wow, well this actually happened to me two days ago! Except fort the fact that I was going 30... THAT was fun... Anyways... I got home and put it away for the night. Figured it would be a fun wake up call in the morning. The next day i was thinking it was the clutch that had F'ed up so I was going to take off that metal cover for the sprocket... Bolts were stripped to **** and I was missing one.:( I used a drill to take out the stripped bolts because my dad has a ton of misc. bolts, nuts, washers, ect. laying around EVERYWHERE. I took the spindle cover off and lo and behold, The chain had skipped a link and proceeded to jam itself so tight in between the spindle and case that it wouldn't budge. I used a ratchet in the nut in the center of the spindle and took that sucker off. Put the chain on right and finally got the wheel moving again. If you don't have bolts laying around somewhere just visit your local Ace Hardware or maybe Home Depot. Good luck and trust me, you can do it! I mean, come on! I'm 18 years old and have no previous engine experience and I've already had to do so much to my MB that i was forced to learn. And quick! Not to sound cliche, but "If I can do it ANYONE can!"
  5. motorpsycho

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    first of all, are you sure that the bearings in your rear hub didn't disintegrate and lock up the wheel?
    I would remove the engine drive chain(at the master link) and see if your rear wheel will move.

    secondly, you are running gas/oil mix right and not straight gas (thinking that lack of oil could lock your engine up). sorry, i know...but i had to ask that question.

    third, the chain jumping off the front sprocket is pretty common, especially if your chain does the "loose-tight-loose" thing as the sprocket turns.
    you shoudl be able to tell if the chain cane off the front sprocket by looking under the cover from the back side. to get the cover off, you will have to drill the heads off of the stripped screws...there is no other way to get the cover off if the heads of the screws are rounded off. once you drill the heads off, you can slide the cover off. then you will have to figure out a way to remove the remaining screws fron the case. you MIGHT be able to get them out by GENTLY turing them with a pair of vise grips. be caseful tho...they break easy.
  6. HeadSmess

    HeadSmess Well-Known Member

    i did it a few weeks ago except i was doing about 60km/h... 12 spokes in one go :D

    and the cause was bleedingly pants had gone in the sprocket :p

    so if i haaaaad come offf....ouch! had my leg stuck to the bike! ten minutes of grunting getting it free again! it coooould have been a tad messy...

    burst the "BRAND NEW" tyre n tube....

    chain guards serve a purpose. (not that ive actually got one still...)
  7. Sandman

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    Sorry I have not updated this in a little bit, but I solved the problem.

    What happened was my mounting was warped to the point that it would not keep my motor in place and it caused the chain to bind up in the housing. Once I got that fixed and replaced the mounting bolts and brackets with grade 8.8 parts from my local Ace (I had extra mounts) the thing was running perfectly...that is until I got another flat tire on it and found out it was my frame that was causing the tires to go flat.

    Long story short Schwinn sucks when it comes to specialty parts, as I could only get the back tire in a steel frame which can't really handle the speed/bumps on my daily commute. So I browsed CL for a little bit and found 2 OCC stingray frames for $50 and snatched them up. My engine mount came in a couple of days ago and I am going to mount it up and see how she runs on this new frame. Pics etc to follow in a new post, I hope this one actually works!
  8. A_FITZ

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    So your saying the Engine mount was the problem for the back tire seizing up?

    Because.., my bike has done this 3 times so far and im not sure if its going to do it again.. and

    The engine is mounted on by... ONE BOLT. :-/

    Because of it not being secure .. that was your problem.., sir? Because if so, it could be mine too!