Bikes afloat - anyone?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by sarum, Aug 22, 2010.

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    A year or two ago I saw a bike mounted on floats. When pedaled hard (about 20mph)it rose out of the water on skis, and then needed less pedaling to keep it going. I'm wondering if anyone here has any info: on this. So long as water could be kept away from the engine it could be a lot of fun....................sarum

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    I thot you are asking--will your bicycle Float ? --it will somewhat without an engine--tried it many years ago attached a rope to it and swam a river where a bridge was out--we continued on the trail ! some experience !
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    Thanks for your replies; that youtube site is just what I'm looking for. Cheers sarum.
  5. i read somewhere those shuttle bike kits cost over a grand. So yea making one would be a better option :)
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    Thanks for that Porsche. I thought that might be expensive - I've emailed them to find out. Sooner or later, if not now, the Chinese will come up with something affordable.
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    Thanks Sparkie. Stan4d's link(below) is what I'm looking for. Like; cycle to the river/beach, unpack it, zoom up stream or out to sea. Then cycle home. I'm old and live alone, my bike is my only form of transport - putting a motor on it has transformed my life! Good on this forum for all the free help so willingly given..........................sarum