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  1. bman

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    Hello From Iowa

    One day I was looking on ebay after coming home from the tavern, my buzz was still strong if I recall. I came across the chinese 70cc motor kits from Howell. I figured what the heck and purchased the kit. A few days later the kit arrived on my front step and I tore it open and chuckled to myself. I started to put the kit on the bike, did not finish, and let it sit all winter in the garage. Probably about 2 weeks ago on my day off I finished the install and got the thing running good. I love the thing, its fun to ride , not to mention all the looks you get from everyone. I didnt even know this site existed until grady himself introduced it to me. I think this is a great hobby! Oh yeah, by the way I installed the motor on a bike my dad found at his job, its a roadmaster 26 in mountain bike.

  2. Tom

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    welcome to the forum!!

    hopefully you can post come pics!