boost bottle making startup too easy?

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    wow got up to 43 mph today with my new boost bottle, but i have noticed something very different, everytime i tried to start my bike it took less than half a pull on the pull start to start the engine, i never had to use the choke at all, this is perhaps the easiest to start engine ever!, so my question is, is this what some of the benefits of a boost bottle are?

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    My guess is, the bottle holds atomized fuel / air mix, perfect for easy starting.
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    I think very little of a charge makes it into the bottle. It does increase the volume of the intake system but not enough back pressure to force the fuel charge to travel up that tube, much less to the bottle it's self. The piston going down and blocking the port causes a reversion pressure wave that bounces off the piston and raises a transient pressure spike. The fuel charge when the port is open moves at a super sonic speed only to have the port close so, yeah, there's pressure there that a bottle helps to smooth out. There are fuel pumps for gokarts that use this pulse to run them so there's enough of a pressure change to run a pump.

    There are many that swear it's the greatest thing since sliced bread and others that condem it as snake oil.

    I use 1 and many do, I think it's split pretty evenly between those that do and those that don't.

    If it helps with ANY part of how your motor runs then it's all good:helmet:
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