bouncing off 27.5 mph

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  1. So I changed my head gasket and coated it with Indian head shellac compound. That will not leak again. I rode it all last week and a lot over the weekend and it rode like a dream. This morning at 7 am it was a crisp 70 degrees and after about 10-15 min riding. I noticed i got up to 35 and then it bounced off 35 and went down to 23-26. No noticible problems. But then I went to take her back up to the mid thirties again and she didn't want to take me there. It kept bouncing me off 27.5 mph through several attempts to go faster. After about 10 min she decided I could.get back up into the 30' s but before I could continue to troubleshoot I made it to work and shut her down. It's kinda like when your almost out of gas and its sputtering trying to get that last drink. I wanna say its a carb issue but every time I think its the carb and I start finiking with the high jet screw it ends up being a gasket so rather than play that game again I was wondering what you guys think it could be. I do not have a tach. Why didnt she do this last week or over the weekend when i rose her for over two hours. FYI I never have had to adjust the carb. the guy I bought it from said he dialed it in perfectly....he was right I never had to touch a thing ......hmmmmm the carb screen is getting clogged?

    This is a zenoah engine not a happy time

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    If the carb screen is getting clogged there must be dirt/debri in the fuel system, seems a thorough cleaning is in oreder.