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    hey guys,

    i guess this day was destiny with my happytime. but ive been riding for a few months now and my bike has ridden beautifully since day one. the other day tho, my bike started up but wouldnt get above a dull idle and sounded a bit funny.

    i cant figure it out, it is responding to the throttle but only slightly and sounds as if it is bogged down or something. smokes alot, and the plug is soaking wet not sooty literally dripping.

    how can i trouble shoot this one

  2. arceeguy

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    Sounds like the engine is flooded.

    Did you turn off the fuel valve the last time you used it?
    Maybe the needle valve in the carb is stuck open with some debris.
    Maybe the float is leaking.

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    im not sure, i took the carb apart (didnt clean it really) but nothing seemed the be astrew and i have a fuel filter anyways so doubt much went in

    i hadnt ridden it in a few weeks, rode it to school which is about a 5 or 6 mile ride and it rode fine, went to class and when leaving started up, ran then began bogging.

    and hasnt ridden right since.
  4. MotorMac

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    bogging engine

    Replace the inline fuel filter, and inside the petcock valve is another little screen filter, throw that away. You gave a clue by saying you havent used the bike for a few weeks, this tells me some dirt or something has dislodged and is clogging the screen or inline filter.It might be a good idea to put new gas in as well.Let us know if this helps. Mac
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    ok sounds good.. makes sense.. starving for fuel.

    ill check it out tomorrow
  6. kerf

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    Is the choke all the way open, air filter clean?

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    i never needed to choke it before so its never choked..

    air filter is clean as well

    the only thing that is different is its cold outside (30's-40's) and it sat for a few weeks
  8. kerf

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    Make sure your filter element has not been soaked with fuel. The gas will evaporate leaving the oil, which will restrict air flow and foul your plug. The filter will appear clean but air will not flow through the oil soaked medium.
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    Good Trouble shooting from everyone. If all else fails..... If the plug is soaking wet.....
    Normally if the float needle isnt seating, gas will dribble out through the tickler onto the ground.
    But sometimes it will seep into the head flooding the engine.
    I'll give my 2cent's worth. Guessing, if it was running fine to class then sat for a few hrs with the
    pitcock in the "ON" position the float needle wasn't seating properly (sticky) from sitting for a few weeks. Engine then flooded very slowly while you were in class. Now your plug if fowled and your float needle
    still isnt seating correctly.
    ___Id say get a new plug, also remove the float bowl and spray the carp out of it with carb cleaner.
    Maybe also tweak the needle adjustment prongs VERY slightly (as per photo) so your sure the float
    pushes the needle up, seating it.

    I agree with arceeguy if the plugs soaked it flooded. If its bone dry, disreguard above. :eek:o2ps:

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  10. bluegoatwoods

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    Good job, people!

    I don't have any suggestions to beat the ones above. It sounds like they've got the trouble pinned down. A bunch of good info in less than 12 hours. How's that for a demonstration of the strength of this community?

    I only hope I can make such contributions someday. I might not be attentive enough.

    But I'll try.
  11. HERPER

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    haha thanks all.. still havent gotten around to trouble shooting it yet.. but i agree its flodding to some degree or not sparking..

    its definatly bogging down and soaking wet. and spewing out smoke. so not fuel valves and im always on top of shutting of the valve. its either the plug or the carb.. i will be sure to check both
  12. eric_f

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    I would think that the crankcase is partially flooded. It happened on a dirtbike I had a while back and had to turn it upside down/sideways to drain the gas from the crank lol. Same symptoms though. I suppose you could "dry cycle" the engine without the plug to see if it shoots straight gas out of the plug hole.
  13. hijodemadera

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    I had the same problem

    Hey, it sounds like I had the very same problem you described. I trust you have a solution by now.

    My problem turned out to be that the wires going to the magnito either had a loose connection or they were grounding out on the frame. I pulled the connection out from the frame a bit and made sure it wasn't loose and it fired right up.

    I hope this is helpful..