California Legality?

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    I HATE tickets, so I looked up the legality of these in California where I'm from and these are legal but you have to have less than 60cc's to not have motorcycle license. Is there really a way cops can tell if you have 66cc's or more and whether or not the engine is CARB certified?

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    I can spot the difference between a 48 and a 66 China girl. all you have to do is look for the one that's going 35.

    keep it safe and the cops won't harass you.
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    Where did you look up and see that info because none of it is correct.

    CVC 406 (a) says 2 hp or less with absolutely nothing about any number of cc's.

    There are a lot of threads here on CA mb law going back years.

    You need a:
    drivers license with a M2 or M1
    $20 lifetime motorized bicycle license plate
    DOT helmet
    left side mirror, horn, lights.

    Cops do not care about CARB laws or enforce them.

    So much misinformation about the legalities of motorized bicycles in California.
    I really want to know where you looked to get it wrong. ;)
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    Need to figure out a brake light, any suggestions HELP!.
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    there are brake levers with a switch built in
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    Head Light Turn Signal Running Brake Lights

    Hi dad2all5!

    I purchased 2 bike head and brake light systems for bikes, unfortunately they were not good. So I decided to put a motorcycle system on my first build. It's very expensive but better than an ambulance or morgue ride. I'm presently fabricating the brackets for the turn signals and running brake light. I used a Yamaha brake switch and designed an assembly to mount it on my bike. I've changed the turn signal lights in the picture as I found better ones and will post updates when it's done.

    Brake Switch

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    You should keep copies of the law and/or be able to pull it up on a smart phone. All too often cops may not know these laws or understand them.