Cdh66, zeda88, bbr expansion chamber header shortening

Sep 26, 2018
i prefer keeping a 32t perfect if you weigh around 160 im not even running a matched crankcase and cylinder i literally did nothing to the bottomend im using right now only ported the intake and exhaust ports to match mz65 exhaust, oz reed, and mikuni vm18 on my current set up and this 2016 grubee ES does a cruising speed of 50+ easily i cant wait to put this gold one i just finished polishing and totally reworking the bottomend on running i feel itll do 65 if my guestimation is correct
I weigh around 230. But I'm also running a more aggressive setup. I can't open my throttle more than 1/4 open below 20 mph because the carb is too big. Then it pulls hard until 35-40 and hits a wall. Fred matched the bottom end and cylinder when he balanced the crank and redid the bottom end. I'm also running with 38mm stroke so I had to deck my cylinder down. I plan to run a smaller/longer stinger and shorten the pipe a bit but for now, I'm going to try gearing up a bit. I don't want to be in the extreme high rpms like I used to for my whole ride