Chain gets stuck in clutch plate!

Discussion in 'Frame Mounted Engines' started by tskrem, Aug 17, 2009.

  1. tskrem

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    Yeah well when i start my bike.. its not fully kicking over and a few times my chain gets caught in the clutch plate... pics soon if ppl dont understand. maybe i might need to buy a half link? not sure... or maybe put something there? so the chain slides back into place?


  2. HoughMade

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    As you have surmised, it seems like the chain is too loose. half-link, or adjust tensioner.
  3. tskrem

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    my chain tensioner is all the way at the top.. im not sure if my chain will then be to small if i remove a link and add a half link... ill post a video on later.
  4. move rear wheel forward or backward to help adjust the chain length.
  5. Motorbike Crazy

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    I have used washers behind the spacer on the back motormount to increase the tightness of the chain. I know, it's a pain but I've been able to eliminate the tensioner in this way. The chain catching in the clutch plate sounds like an alignment problem. How do you deal with alignment problems, anyone have ideas?
  6. the willi

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  7. tskrem

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    well i have now been riding for a while now and have not had an issue. i think it is due to the fact that i tightened the back sprocket a lot. even braking two bolts :whistling: however i replaced them. i do not have that problem anymore. Thank God! however i might use those spacers, to extra tension the chain, because it seems a lil loose with the chain tensinor at the top.
    Thanks for your ideas every1.
  8. agentjosh77

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    How tight is to tight when adjusting the chain? I would like to eliminate the idler pulley altogether? I apologize if this is post hijacking...?
  9. tskrem

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    im not sure about this.. you would most probably need it fairly tight.
  10. customcruiser

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    ive found the tighter it is the les power and speed u have but the chain wont come off ive ridden a mates bike and the chain was literally like **** loose im talking u can fold 2 links over each other but it never came off ive broken 2 chain tensioners before i said to myself "this is absolute ****" bolts brwaking etc so i made it bomb proof thick bolts thicker idler wheel bolts had to drill my tensioner out abit and then finished off with locnuts and loc tite havent had a problem since with my pocket bike bmx when i had it i didnt make it too tite i just made it tite enuff so i cud roll the sprocket while pushing the chain off to the side and if it doesnt come off then its all good with my latest build the 16 inch bmx which a mates buyin for 140 off me i just make sure its not too tite to have a huge increase and decrease in chain tite spots...............hope i helped abit.
  11. tskrem

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    ohk.. i might look into this
  12. agentjosh77

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    Well you bring up a few good points, I will have to experiment and see what works best for me.

  13. shred_cred

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    Has anyone solved this issue? I have the same problem, as you may have seen in the video, I can clutch in, and my bike will roll max 10 feet and then i hear the chain chunking around and grinding in the clutch case and jamming against the drive sprocket.

    I tried to tighten my chain with the tensioner, but then the chain gets TOO tight around the tensioner and "siezes" the back wheel
  14. shred_cred

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    Bearing exploded in the clutch...