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    I went to and They sell standard mopeds and build motorized bicycles.I know people here do not likemopeds so I will steer clear of that.They got these bikes they build with morini engines and they are either 17 Inch wheels or 26 Inch wheels.The 26 Inch wheel set up runs biodielsel and looks really cool.And they make their own frames or can custom make one for your specs.I called them and while their product looks top notch.They run from 1900 to 2100 bucks.very expensive.I can't afford one:icon_cry:. just figured some people would like to see them motorized bikes they are building.It's under the motorcyclette forum.Check It out and see what you think.

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    Those do look awesome. Nice inspiration for my board track project!
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    Thanks for the link Plinko! As far as I know,nobody here is against mopeds, I can think of posts that suggested to get one instead of a motor kit.
    I really like those bikes on the link but there aren't any pedals, so it wouldn't pass for a motoredbike.
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    they shure dont like to show much in there pics do they?
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    very cool!!! Pricey but cool.
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    Oh contrair professor my friend.They have pedals.Look under the motorcyclettes forum.If they are kinda hard to see In the pic In the writing they have pedals listed on them In the writing.Look hard and you'll see em.I called em and asked and they have pedals on them.Need to Improve the lighting on the pics.Prob with passing them for a motorbike without license and registration Is that the motors are 5.8 h.p.
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    They are In ashville n.c. and their site Is new and I agree they could use more pics.Told me on the phone they are getting to It soon as possible.
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    They do sell mopeds for 500 to 600 bucks btw.I may get one and keep Is as backup when the motor bike of mine needs repairs.