Chinese 2 stroke- Wiring How To's (basic and advanced)

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by gone_fishin, Jun 21, 2007.

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  1. Al.Fisherman

    Al.Fisherman Active Member

    May I add..when connecting the wires, just wrap them together without the kill switch hooked up. After getting the engine running, hook up the kill switch and test (some kill switches arrives DOA), then make all connections as you would like to finish the project.

  2. Bryan Smith

    Bryan Smith Member

    I used to run the kill switch between the black and blue wire like you do. About every 5th time killing the engine it would shock me (If I were grounded to the bike frame). I got kinda humorous to see me cringe as I went to turn it off. I finally went back to grounding it like the factory says, between the white and the black wire. two years later. no shocks or blown coils or any problems.

    I think it's an urban legend that grounding the white wire to kill the engine hurts anything.

    Bryan Smith
    Summerville, SC
  3. DuctTapedGoat

    DuctTapedGoat Active Member

    It doesn't happen all the time, but your zapping issue is more rare an occurance than the white wire working in the kill switch circuit.

    I can tell you for certain that with the white wire in circuit and grounding to the frame, the white wire can continue delivering enough power to get a spark, which leads to another spark etc. This has happened to me, and since going to the 3x3xCap method, I haven't been zapped, nor has my kill switch failed.

    I would think you either have a faulty kill switch, a faulty wiring job, or a faulty boot.
  4. DuctTapedGoat

    DuctTapedGoat Active Member

    Since you do decent wiring then, I'd still think you're getting zapped by the boot or the k/s.

    The white wire has no place in circuit - do the math and it doesn't make sense why you'd have it in there when compared to grounding in the 3x3xCap style.

    And the chinese who wrote the manual and designed the engine obviously don't know best.
  5. floydt

    floydt New Member

    I have fuel, but no spark

    I just bought a used 80cc and bike. The motor is fairly new, previous owner says it ran fine until the muffler fell off, when he replace the muffler it hasn't ran since (sounds fishy to me).

    I have a blue, black, & white wire coming from the magneto, they are connected blue to blue, black to black, & the white is capped off. There is a yellow/white wire that goes to the kill switch and a green wire that goes to ground. But I have no spark.

    how can I check the magneto output and the CDI output? What readings when I check voltage and/or resistance from the CDI?

    Any suggestions as to what may be wrong and any suggestions on other tests I should run?

    Help Please
  6. velzie

    velzie Member

    I had an issue with my electronics: CHECK IT!
  7. erider

    erider Guest


    So the WHITE WIRE is an extra for add on utilities ??

  8. Frankfort MB's

    Frankfort MB's Well-Known Member

    Most people wouldn't recommend it because it draws extra spark.... Aka less speed
  9. pghewins

    pghewins Member

    it makes no difference whatsoever which way you wire the kill switch it just shorts the circuit to cdi its just a normally open switch im an electrician my best advice ditch the spade connectors buy some adhesive heat shrink solder your joints and cover with the heat shrink so to recap black to black blue to blue white is just a volt tap off for lights i wouldnt use it then feel free to connect your kill switch however you want young man as long as 1 goes to black and 1 goes to blue all is good
  10. pghewins

    pghewins Member

    1 wire from kil switch to black 1 to blue it doesnt matter which it just short circuits the signal to the cdi nothing to grounded on bike frame lol
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  11. Muffin

    Muffin Guest

    I bought an 80cc black engine that only came with 2 wires blue and black this engine is missing the white wire but also when I look at the magneto the black wire is coming from the place that the white wire is supposed to be and the black wire is supposed to be screw to the magneto also the kill swith wires are red and black. CAN SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP ME OUT HERE???
  12. Sasha1234

    Sasha1234 Member

    What if I happened to have mistakenly put the red wire from the kill switch to the black and the black wire to the blue? Would that completely stop the entire engine from running again? For some reason, I saw that inside one of the wires that it was burnt? Like, it wasn't connected the right way and made it burn out the wire. Will those two kill switch wires permanently make the engine not run again if I didn't put the colors together? I have the black to black and blue to blue for the CDI going into the Magneto. Any advice would help!
  13. crassius

    crassius Well-Known Member

    no, kill switch wires make no difference, hook either one to black and the other to blue

    sometimes the clear insulator on the connector looks burnt because they put it on with heat - no problem there