Crank Clearance?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by wayja, Jul 22, 2008.

  1. wayja

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    Hello Forum,

    I purchased a 4 stroke kit with Honda clone and a three piece, wide crank. I was happy with the way the engine fit in my Schwinn 1962 26" frame. I installed a three piece crank bottom bracket conversion and installed the cranks. The problem is, the right hand crank hits the pull start mount. I need about 3/4" shorter crank arm to clear. Has anybody else run into this? Can anybody tell me how wide a wide one piece crank is? Thank you for all the valuable help and information.


  2. ocscully

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    They are designed to be wide enough to clear the Honda/Clone motor with gear box which I believe is approx 9-1/8 in. - 9-1/4 in. wide. So the cranks are probably 9-1/2 in wide (approx). Is the BB spindle you currently have symmetrical (the same distance from bearing race to end of spindle on both sides) If you decide to go with a one piece crank I would be interested in talking with you about purchasing your 3-piece cranks.

  3. HoughMade

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    I have the wide one piece, but i decided to use a short 1 piece off a kid's 16" bike instead...the reason is not relevant, but a shorter crank works well in standard width.
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    Thank you for the help. I think I might try the short one piece crank setup and see if that works. I will let you know.