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    Up for sale is a one of a kind custom built Moto-Pedal bike.


    Bike frame:
    Custom built out of 6061 aluminum. Heavy duty construction, 1/8" walled tubing, 1/4" plating.
    Built in adjustability of engine position for chain slack etc.
    Removable low profile gas tank with flush pop up gas cap.
    Main frame and swingarm is powder coated yellow, gas tank is spray canned with vinyl graphics.

    Marzocchi 888 for 8" travel, QR20 fork.
    Fast ace, adjustable coil over shock for pit bike.

    Hayes HFX 9 disc brakes, dual 8" rotors, goodridge rear line.

    Wheels: Single track front rim, DoubleWide rear rim. 26" tires, 2.6" wide.

    Engine mods:
    Ports cleaned and polished, upgraded CR85 coil, high flow filter. CNC mag and clutch covers. NT speed carburator,
    High compression head and custom heat sink. Approx. a few thousand kilometers use on motor, not yet rebuilt.
    aftermarket pipe and silencer.
    custom shift kit design.

    Performance specs(150lbs rider):
    Top speed:

    engine only, 70-100km on tank. With pedalling, indefinate.

    Hill climbing:
    Goes anywhere a mountain bike can go. Climbs anything a mountain bike can climb.

    approx: 70lbs.

    This bike started out as a motored bike project to convert a norco hardtail mountain bike into a motored bike. Did it, had fun with it then wanted more suspension and gears. Chopped up that frame and tried to add suspension to it, turned out the tubing was too thin to work with so eventually only ended up using the bottom bracket and built a whole new frame around it. Built it, tested it out, broke it, rebuilt and re-inforced it and this is the result. Bike is indescribably fun, had my fun with it, time to move onto new projects......

    PM if interested.

    Motopedalsideview.jpg Motopedalrearprofile.jpg Motopedalsideview.jpg

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    Very cool bike!

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    Thanks. If anyone is interested, make an offer...