Daytona Cagllari engines

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  1. lanternman

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    Hi, new man a lot of my questions. My name is Louis and live in Tn. About the OEM Daytona Cagllari engines, can they be used on bikes? It looks like they use a odd size chain. Can anybody help? Thanks

  2. 5-7HEAVEN

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    The pocket bike "Cag" motor has been used with great success on motorized bicycles. Do a search on this forum, and you will see the results.

    Various chains can be used on bike engine drive systems. You just need to find the type of sprockets. You also need to calculate correct gear ratio for your type of riding and engine drive. Most chain drive systems shoot for 18.75:1 for all around riding. I use a center-frame mount engine, which is Tanaka, not pocket bike. Using a shift kit and 8-speed rear cassette, my first gear is 46.32:1 and highway gear is 15:1. A Cag engine would do well with this setup, I think.

    Pocket bike engine, chains, sprockets, freewheels are readily available @ inexpensive prices. One vendor uses small #25 chain. I use the pocket bike 8mm T8F chain and sprockets. They are very strong, and I've never had any durability issues with pocket bike chain and sprockets.

    The best part is that the Cag pocket bike engine has a 76mm clutch and 4-bolt motor mounting pattern. This engine bolts directly onto all of the popular engine drive systems.

    Good luck, and welcome to the club.
  3. lanternman

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    Thanks, this helps a lot.I have a orange county chopper that I wanted to put it on. Louis
  4. 5-7HEAVEN

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    You're welcome. Be advised that altho it is a cheap and powerful engine, it has its weak points.

    If you're looking for reliability, there are other engines that are much more dependable.
  5. Bob Campbell

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    Hey 5-7,
    You mention that there are more reliable choices. would you like to elaborate on this? I was originally thinking of a morini franco s6-s. 9.4 hp for $663 but i am now thinking of a 4 stroke pit bike engine.

    (Need to cut and paste due to my computer illiteracy and not knowing how to make a proper link)

    This link is for a 9hp engine with a 4 speed gear box for $399. Does anyone know how wide these things are vs the more commonly used engines. Have also looked at some of the Honda GX160 - GX200. I'm kind of liking the gear boxes on the pit bike engines though.

    Any thoughts for against will be appreciated. I'm in the info gathering phase now and plan to start making a board track replica sometime in the new year.

    Bob C.
  6. 5-7HEAVEN

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    I was referring to Japanese weedwhacker-style/edger/trimmer/tiller engines, like Mitsubishi, Subaru, Honda and Tanaka engines. i refer to these because they have a universal 4-bolt motor mounting clutch bellhousing pattern. This is the common hookup on the popular engine drive systems available.

    I am not familiar with Morini or any engine which do not bolt onto the drive systems. Others will advise on these powerplants.
  7. Bob Campbell

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    Thank you for the reply. I agree that the name brand stuff is most likely better than the $89 specials.

    Cheap is not always cheap! $10 three times or $20 once, Most people go the $10 route because it's initially half the cost. I've learned this working many years in a bicycle shop.

    Bob C.
  8. 5-7HEAVEN

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    Sometimes you can get a great engine for cheap.

    There was a recent $89 sale with new Tanaka 32cc engines.

    Others who have purchased Hua Sheng and Harbor Freight engines feel that they had good bargains.

    Pocket bike engines are a toss up. Some say their engines are powerful and dependable. Others say otherwise.

    The best advice is to do your research and know what your needs are.

    Good luck.