DO NOT BUY FROM DAX - He ripped me off !!!

Discussion in 'Dealer Reviews' started by abefroman, Sep 22, 2015.

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    Moderators - I could not post to the dealer review section, but it looks like I can post here.. please forgive me if I'm posting in the wrong section....

    On 'another' forum, I explained in detail how DAX ripped me off. I ordered a 40mm stroke motor from him and paid him EXTRA to cut the piston. I recieved a 38mm stroke motor and it looked like he scraped the top of the piston with a butter knife !

    There was absolutely nothing done to the cylinder and the ridges in the transfer ports were HUGE ! The motor would barely run. It also vibrated MORE than a stock motor ! I had about 500 miles on a stock motor on this bike. I have built 15 bikes, and I also have a degree in mechanical engineering.

    Duane has made all kinds of excuses to weasel his way out of this situation and blame ME !!! This guy is dishonest and I have proof (in emails) that he lied to me !

    The main reason I ordered from Duane was because I specifically wanted a 40mm stroke motor. To make ABSOLUTELY SURE that he was sending me a 40, I called him AND emailed him and he assured me that this was a 40mm stroke motor. Also, I had read on forums of his positive reputation, and that gave me confidence to buy from him.

    Since I was suspicious, I removed the head and the cylinder. After removing the cylinder, I saw that it had a TYPE B piston.. which, according to Fred, indicates that this is a GT-5 38mm stroke motor.

    I went back and forth with DAX and he told me to send him the motor and he would send me a 40mm motor. I told him on several occasions that I would NOT pay for shipping for HIS MISTAKE ! Then he posted on the other forum that I was blackmailing him and he said that he told me he would pay for shipping... that's what he said on the forum.. HE NEVER ONCE TOLD ME HE WOULD PAY FOR SHIPPING !!! I am NOT going to return a motor to him (and pay shipping) to have him rip me off a second time !

    DO NOT BUY FROM DAX !!! He is NOT TRUSTWORTHY and he will LIE to you !!!! Since my posts on the other forum, I have had several people message me and confirm that DAX has LIED to them as well !!!

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    thanks for being bold enough to tell the harsh truth. Hopefully others will listen.
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    I could've told you all that. these days I only buy motors from Cheez Fickenworth. damn near everyone else has tried to rip me off some way or another
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    I can't find a website for Cheez. Do you have contact info?
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    I have to say I've had a good experience with DAX. When I got my kit from him, it was missing the fuel line, but I didn't know it until I got a new bicycle and started the build about 5-6 weeks later. The warranty on the kit is only good for 30 days, but I contacted Duane about it anyway. He shipped me a fuel line 2-day priority mail for free with no questions asked. He's also been very prompt in responses to my questions. Overall, it's been pleasant to deal with him.
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    I've gotten 2 kits from Cheez so far....They are very well put together. His customer service is second to none. The motors scream outta the box.
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    Sounds like this dealer is burning his bridges.

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    Hi Abe. I'm glad you posted here. I saw your post on the other site as well, but that site seems to favor it's sponsors more that it's members and pulled your post. A damn shame really. I like the fact that this site allows and provides a spot to rate customer service and quality of parts. Many of these vendors start out great but over time get swamped or just to big for their pants and it's always the customer who gets screwed. Please keep us posted on any new development's with Dax. Oh ya, I also so dax's nasty over the top comment to you, that alone would prevent me from ever ordering from dax, let alone the fact that he did nothing to fix his mistake with your engine. Good luck bro!