do not know what to do

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  1. howler32

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    the trouble I'm having is that I can pedal start and I can feel the throttle work bot I.m not getting any power to go

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    Okay. You've come to the right place. There's no doubt that we can help you find the answer.

    But we are gonna need a little more info.

    You are able to pedal your bike and you can feel the throttle work. But you're not getting any power.

    While you are pedaling is that piston definitely going up and down within that cylinder? We'll need to know the answer to be sure that your drive train is 'complete'. You'd want to have a look at the clutch if not.

    Assuming that this is all okay, then the question is; are you getting any ignition at all? In other words, does the engine sputter and 'lurch' your bike a bit? Or is there absolutely no ignition? No sputtering? No running at all?
  3. HeadSmess

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    what engine?
  4. howler32

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    it feels like it's running but if I stop pedaling it dies,checked carb gas is there,
  5. howler32

    howler32 New Member

    howler m.jpg here is what I'm working with I hope this helps to see if it looks right

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  6. HeadSmess

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    the 7th post and we still havent been TOLD what the engine is... at least now we have a pic and know what were dealing with here... next time...MORE INPUT! in-for-mation!

    judging by the slack on the cable, the slides not lifting.

    take carb off. check that slide is lifting, and that the narrow angled slot cut into the bottom of the slide, is facing the idle screw side of the carb. theres a tiny brass pin that engages the slot that the cable sits in on the other side of the carb... they only go in one way...properly!

    then pour a few cc fuel down the intake tube, try starting it then. if it doesnt fire up easily the exhaust is blocked. oven cleaner or a file.

    if it fires easily its the carb. pull it apart, and dont be scared, its SIMPLE AS inside. just blow EVERYTHING with compressed air, thoroughly, then put back together... usually just gunk in the main jet. get a fuel filter, clean the tank, use clean fuel...

    tip. take your head off, rotate it 90 degrees. check which way the open end of the sparkplug gap faces, and try pointing it towards the exhaust. but have the fines on the head run parallel with the airflow.... not at right angles! tighten nuts in a cross pattern, a little at a time.

    check gaskets for leaks.

    make sure wires are black to black, blue to blue.

    replace that screw thats missing from the clutch cover before the cover breaks!
  7. darwin

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    Looks like the throttle cable is hung up on the cable adjuster in the pics.
  8. Bgard

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    Where is the drive chain?
  9. BigBlue

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    Good eye!

    We don't need no stinkin drive chains! LOL

    AKA: BigBlue
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    :bowdown: you are GOD! :bowdown::worship:

    the best yet!:smilielol5::smilielol5::smilielol5::rofl:

    i knew this was going to be one of those threads :banghead:
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    LMAO thanks
  12. howler32

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    since motor not working I removed it so as to ride bike better for now:bowdown: you are GOD! :bowdown::worship:

    the best yet!:smilielol5::smilielol5::smilielol5::rofl:

    i knew this was going to be one of those threads :banghead:[/QUOTE]
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    the rest of us have concluded that you need a chain. otherwise the engine is fine.

    second thoughts. probably best you dont ever try using it...
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  15. howler32

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    you don't know

    if you had realy read what I said you would see that I was saying that before I removed chain it was not working properly so saying that it is best I don't ever try was a stupid and moronick thing to say:ack2:
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