Do people ever ask you to go into business with them?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by macarollo, Mar 20, 2009.

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  1. macarollo

    macarollo Guest

    Today I met the second person who wanted to go into business with me selling motorized bikes.

    The first time was on my HT bike, some crazy guy stopped me and tried to convince me to go into business with him. I said I was not interested.

    Today I was first at the traffic light and the guy behind me runs out of his car and starts up conversation with me... (I keep looking at the light because I am not sure when it is going to turn green). He says this is awesome, that I should market it in Europe, and here. He was following me on the 3 mile road as I was going over 40mph the whole time. He said he has a business and wants me to call him. Then he asked if he could take a picture so he backed up across the road and took a picture of me. He was very intense.

    Then the light turned green and I left.

  2. Mountainman

    Mountainman Active Member

    the thing that I have found to be pretty much true in business is

    we are only as good as our business partner

    in these cases it seems that you don't know these guys
    that may turn out to be something like as follows
    getting married on your first blind date.....

    ride that thing
  3. HoughMade

    HoughMade Guest

    Good advice- where I am, they want to watch you work for 8 years before you are considered as a partner...because here "partner" still means what it used to.
  4. Revorunner

    Revorunner Member

    Isn't that the truth.:smilielol5:
  5. seanhan

    seanhan Member

    Why do you even need a partner??

    Sounds like that dude dosen't know that much about m/bs.
    So you will be turning the wrenches and forking over 50% profit.
    I don't think I would sell m/b's .. The product liability issues are of major concern. I don't think you could get insurance on that type product..
    What Iam saying is you would be one wreck away from a Lawsuite and loosing everything. I know it sucks but about 35% of our population makes a full time job out of suing people for anything, And we have a wonderful support system in place in the U.S. to keep propetuating this kind of thing.
    it's going to take the place of baseball as the American passtime !!!

    And That's one of the real reasons most American companys are gone !!!

    We really need Tort reform legislation, but when most of the house and senate are ex Lawers !!!! Thats not going to happen !!!!!
  6. Mountainman

    Mountainman Active Member

    this motor bike site just get's down and amazes me more and more and more

    looking at seanhan's picture there -- I would have never in a million years
    thought that he was so darn smart

    goes to show -- I have a lot to learn as I -- ride that MB thing

    just got a pm sent to me since I posted this
    somebody had to just -- really rub it in -- just like salt in my fresh cut
    I was informed that the same little guy as seen in the picture above
    good old seahan as we call him around here
    also of all THINGS had his trainner wheels off of his motor bike long before I did

    man oh man -- please don't spread that around................................
    the little Lady thinks that I am king of the mountain -- you know what I mean ?????
    and plus -- that picture of me on my MB with those trainner wheels -- is pretty cool !!!!!!!
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  7. Pablo

    Pablo Motored Bikes Sponsor

    You have no idea.
  8. spunout

    spunout Member

    all the time. most times, i cant wipe the con-man stench off of me fast enough.
    the ones who seem legit, 99% of the time are all talk. as soon as you tell them to put up some money, they're like "oh my god...whats that in the sky?!!!?" when you turn to look, theyre already down the road, hahaha
  9. Mountainman

    Mountainman Active Member

    I will share about my two partners in the bicycle business -- many long years ago
    my first partner was a much older than me guy -- I was around 19 he was in his 40s
    didn't take me long to realize -- this guy is a small time crook
    I told him in a nice way -- we needed to part ways -- I bought out his half of
    The Handle Bar Bicycle Shop
    thought to myself -- a good honest business partner would be a nice THING
    turned out my old friend Mike H. had just lost his welding job
    I had known Mike since we were little guys going to elementary school together in Hawaii
    he was the best most honest, reliable friend I had ever had
    I asked him if he wanted to join me in the bike shop -- wish to buy in ???

    it was a great three years spent with my best friend in business together

    when we get into business with someone -- the best THING to remember is

    it is almost just like (((((((( getting married to them )))))))) !!!

    that deserves some long thinking before jumping in -- I think....

  10. seanhan

    seanhan Member

    I was thinking about.....

    Building some m/b's and selling them. I found some dealers that offer qty deals on HT's. ( really good deals for 10 sets or more )
    I guess iam affraid it will turn out like when I built hot rod computers for gamers, Everybody wanted free tech-support for Life!!!!
    It just got out of hand and people got really Irate ( the computer you built me doesen't work !!!!) well maybe it had somthing to do with the worms you got from ALL THOSE PORN SITES !!!!!!!
    I lost some friends over that... for almost no gain...

    Besides I like having the only M/B in town !!!!!
    It's a chick magnet HA !! HA!!:eek:
  11. Stink Bike

    Stink Bike Member

    I was lucky enough to bump into another rider one day (Alan Price) he owns a business called EziRide Cycles was importing Starfire motors.I now work as an agent for him.As a semi-retired old fart it been great for me being involved in an industry the interests me.
  12. bamabikeguy

    bamabikeguy Active Member

    Unless you have access to bike shop prices, the only real way to look at it is as a hobby, where the liability isn't yours, but the bike owners, and you try to streamline the builds to make a decent rate per hour.

    If that potential partner has a bike shop, then he can buy frames in bulk, and you can design a build that may have a 33% gross profit margin.

    Until you get that type of arrangement, just treat it as a hobby, that takes the stress level down a bunch of notches, and gets the customer involved in fixing some of the initial bugs and hiccups.

    Show the customer all the little things, so he can answer folks questions during his rides. The customer is your partner, in other words, a rolling promotion of your sideline enterprise.

    If you aren't having fun building them, spreading the word via grassroots and minimal advertising, then there isn't enough money involved (until $5 gas creates real demand).
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  13. Revorunner

    Revorunner Member

    Everybody wants to be a partner when it's time to get the paycheck,but nobody wants to be a partner when it comes to doing the hard work.:whistling:
  14. HoughMade

    HoughMade Guest

    Have you practiced law? :whistling:
  15. seanhan

    seanhan Member


    "But I have the right to remain Stupid"
  16. impression

    impression Member


    i have a starfire GT4 66cc and it's pretty good :) my first starfire 66cc was absolutely awesome, it pulled so hard and i sheared quite a few engine mounting bolts through my own fault, but those starfires are pretty good.
  17. ZnsaneRyder

    ZnsaneRyder Member

    I've been asked too many times from others to go into a business making MBikes. I've also found out it's easy to bump into every weirdo out there when they see some young dude under 40 on a bike. That's why I try to KEEP MOVING and not stop much in town.

    You don't need someone you don't know or just met, making business with you. IMO Do it yourself instead of involving others!

    I had 2 really WEIRD cases of so-called business opportunities! :ee2k:

    I had some old dude in his 70's try to con me into cleaning his yard, when it was originally to help design electric cars........he ended up being a nutcase that treated me like I was 14, disrespected me and played mind games, tried to dominate me and tell me how to be and act, and asked nosy questions about me to judge me (so he could validate his regretful and sorry life by judging mine) and even asked my parents if I had a curfew (I'm 26 years old wtf) and even called me his "son". VERY CREEPY. :rolleyes7:

    Had another 41 year old guy that welds tanks to make smokers, want to weld frames with me to make a few trailers and some money, and gave me some old junk pocket bike wheels..............He ended up being an insecure wacko that's easily offended and afraid to look dumber than someone else, and also talked to me like I was a subordinate child. On top of that, he came out of his closet, told me he was GHEY and continued to tell me I'm beautiful, and hit on me! I told him that was NOT COOL, so then he got religious and I told him I wish NOT to discuss any religion at all, and keep it business and he went nuts. I had to tell him I don't associate with ghey people and we need to part our ways. He told me that he already bought parts and needed my help - and I told him figure it out yourself just like I did for mine! hahaha REALLY ODD AND CREEPY.

    And I wonder why I get homophobic around other don't know these days anymore who is who! :confused:

    I've learned as a VERY valuable lesson, to think for yourself and rely on yourself and not on others. When you can do things for yourself that don't require involvement of other people, the power is in YOUR hands, and not theirs.
  18. echotraveler

    echotraveler Member

    im guessing people think of making M/B's when they are perceived as unique.

    A friend of mine has 2 M/B's that he doesnt use (confused about that), it's more of a toy to him, but the thing is he was thinking of going into buisness because it was something novel for him....then a couple of weeks later he went to a flee market, and there they were, hundreds of kits being sold...he was bombed out..

    im guessing you could make money by distributing to stores, but just building would be more hassle then profit.

    of coarse if someone in the street offers/or is willing to pay the right price, then i would sell my bike to make a better one......but thats more of a dream

    why would anyone want to buy a Homebuilt MB when they can homebuild the M/B themselves???
  19. seanhan

    seanhan Member

    A Lot of folks

    Would by a ready made m/b !!!

    We have a whole generation that doesen't even know what a socket is !!!!

    It's the x-box generation !!!!
  20. sparky

    sparky Active Member

    If you're not making enough profit on a quality build, you're either not building it right and/or not targeting the right type of customers.

    I would if it was a good build at the right price. Who wouldn't? That's why you think someone shouldn't start a business selling pre-assembled MBs... it's too much hassle for most people to do individually!! Go read some Adam Smith and learn something about assembly lines.