Does anyone really get 100+ mpg?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Junster, Apr 24, 2009.

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    My kit will be here Tuesday and I'm curious just what kind of milage I can really expect? Do most of you carry extra gas with you? Since you can't just stop at a station with a 2 stroke. Thanks in advance.

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    With my mitsubishi TLE43 2-stroke friction drive, I get about 150-160 mpg. I used to carry a 22 oz. camping fuel bottle with a UCO fuel faucet as spare, but since I added a 96 oz. tank, I haven't felt the need. (here's a better pic of the fuel faucet)

    The 22 oz fuel bottle fits in a standard bottle rack.
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    Probably most ppl with 2-strokes don't carry extra fuel unless their going on an extended ride.What i used to do is carry an alcohol hip flask with me with a mixture of fuel & oil,enough diluted oil to make 1.5 litres of 2-stroke fuel.If i got low in fuel simply ride into a gas station,buy 1.5L straight fuel then tip the flask contents in....shake WELL.
    There's also this...good for 2 & 4 strokes:
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    Thanks for the info guys. The stainless container looks great. Carrying extra gas an a crash could be a bad thing. But running out 20 miles from home wouldn't be a good thing on these old legs. I got my upgrade bolt kit and tank petcock from Sick yesturday, my motor from Zoom suppost to be here Tuesday. I'm just trying to be ready cause I'm dieing to try this out.
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    Fwiw i was getting about 75 mile per imperial gallon with a bonestock happy time but after taking 0.050 off the head, port and polish along with a moderate baffle cutting and taper boring the carb as well as blending and a rejetting from 0.028'' down to 0.025'' I am getting an honest 120mpg with a 36t sprocket. As far as fuel capacity goes BGF sells a 3/4 as well as a 1 gallon tank on ebay. I bought the 1 gallon version and running out of fuel is pretty hard now.

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    my happy time gets pretty bad fuel usage a 3/4 full HT tank lasts me about 2 - 3 days of going to work so I generally get 28 - 42km for about 1 to 1.5Litres I have no Idea why im getting such bad fuel usage the engine has done about 350km now so pretty close to brake in done now. altho I do run my engine pretty hard.
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    Do what i did and u will see a huge difference Guaranteed!!!!!
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    A gallon of gas feeds "The Dragon Lady" for 60 miles...:detective:

    but then it's feeding TWO Mitsubishi 43cc engines.:devilish:

    That calculates to 120mpg with powerpipes and a lean condition.

    I should be able to go faster and get better gas mileage when I install my fairing.

    If I lose 45 pounds I should get better mileage.

    If I convert to chain drive and eliminate massive resistive drag from TWO friction drives I should obtain more mileage.

    Total fuel capacity is 96 ounces (three quarts)

    Ask me how many times I've run outa gas...once.

    Actually the reserve tank was locked and I forgot that the key was in my pocket.:ack2:

    Ask me how many times one engine quit and I "limped" home on the other engine...many many times.:whistling:
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    oh ok ill try the porting and polishing on a old pocket bike head so if I stuff it up it wont matter, and ill cut off half the baffle and probly put a 76mm main jet in which I know probly wouldnt help with fuel consumption but oh well my motored bike is still cheaper to run than my car.
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    you will come up with someTHING that works out just fine for you
    it happens one way or the other

    many of us carry a backpack
    a very small bottle of two cycle oil -- measured out just right so as to add to 1/2 gallon of gas
    so if you happen to get caught out away from home
    pull into gas station -- buy 1/2 gallon of gas -- mix in carried oil
    would be a winner -- just in case

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    Yea just get yourself a few of those fuel bottles at the camping store.
    The work great. I also got 2 bottle holders at wal-mart that have a adjustable rubber strap that holds them good and tight.
    After riding for a while you will know how long you can ride on one tank.
    and plan accordingly on weathor or not to carry extra fuel.
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    oh yea I found some fuel bottles that matched my bike paint perfectly !!!
    It looks kinda cool ....
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    Most gas stations sell 2 stroke oil... When I had my HT bike I ALWAYS wore a backpack with all the tools I would need and a bottle of two stroke oil.... Usually I would close the petcock, put oil in, then put gas in and shake my bike back and forth...

    One time I forgot to close the petcock and poured the oil in and then the gas... the oil went straight into the card... it ran like ****... could hardly get it to turn over... I had to open the carb and empty it and then remix the fuel...

    My HT days are long gone though and now I run a 4 stroke.... much nicer I think.... don't have to mix gas AND you don't smell like a lawnmower when you get to where you were going.
  16. im getting between 166-200mpg.
    48cc dualstart starfire gt2 grubee 48t sprocket 26" bike ,me=120lbs
    top speed so far 32mph, i can go faster but the bike will explode.
    average cruise speed 20mph
    thanks macarollo, thats what happened to me at the gas station,i forgot to turn the petcock to off when i put the oil in,but it did start atfer a bunch of pulls and it ran fine after thou,but i'll remember to turn off the petcock nextime.
    and a 2oz bottle of oil is not hard to carry with u,it will fit in pocket.
    and nomatter what engine you have they all smell like gas anyway not oil.
    i keep bike in house, so i cover the gas tank vented cap and the carb air filter using plastic bag and hair ties but it doesnt get rid of the smell completly.
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    BTW. Pablo sells 2-stroke oil - one of the options he offers is a synthetic in 1.5 oz packets (looks sort of like an over-sized ketchup packet :)) Just enough for 1 gallon of gas (at 100:1), or a half-gallon at 50:1 (what I use) or 1 quart at 25:1.

    I bought a few, so as to keep one in my back-pack for an emergency.
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    i am looking for the fuel tank that is usually on the jesse james chopper bicycles. where can i find those?
  19. bamabikeguy

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    I heard you can get them at your local Harley dealerships, or at least order from the catalog they keep under the counter.
  20. alex

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    I have calculated that I get a solid 45mpg......

    Bad intake manifold gasket, 4500 miles, constantly gunning it.