dual suspension marriage

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  1. kgyrobotron

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    WP_001156.jpg taking a v2100 rear and mounting it to a cruiser. With 3hp Briggs.

  2. kgyrobotron

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    WP_001144.jpg this is how the two became one. A steel dual sus. donor bike is needed for the swing arm mounts.
  3. kgyrobotron

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    Just an update... I gotta try different seat forks handlebar combo's to get a look i'll be happy with. It looked better in moxk-up . WP_001181.jpg
  4. kgyrobotron

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    A different view WP_001184.jpg
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  5. wheelbender6

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    That is sick and diabolical. I love it.
  6. kgyrobotron

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    Wow.. Thx .. Now its White Cloud 20160411_183815_1460425519910_1.JPG
  7. kgyrobotron

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    Gonna try this as a fender 20160411_180308_1460423449870_1.JPG
  8. kgyrobotron

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    WP_20160413_18_24_29_Pro.jpg Gett'in there..waiting on parts
  9. Hello Moto!

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    Dude that's awesome! Comin along real nice :cool:
  10. KCvale

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    Looking great!
    Spiffy custom jackshaft, is that a 7-speed on the rear?
    You are going to want to get HD 710 chain, and get a 'Jump Stop' so when you go to first it doesn't throw the chain.

    What did you use for the bottom bracket and freewheel sprockets?
    I get all that stuff from SickBikeParts.com

    Again looking great Moto!
  11. 45u

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