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  1. rhea2011

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    Dear Friends,

    I am glad to join the forum today.
    I work in the electric bicycle factory in China.
    Hope to make friends with you.

    Thanks and best regards,
    Alice Hipower

  2. ddesens

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    Good last name. Welcome.
  3. wheelbender6

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    Welcome to the forum. I have only visited Hong Kong. I would love to return and see more of China.
  4. rhea2011

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    Thanks for you reply.

    China import and export business develops quickly in recent years.
    Urban landscape, Habitat quality of the environment has been significantly changed.
    Now, electric bikes are very popular in Chinese families , and especially prefered by the short distance commuters, such as delivery and salespeople who crisscross neighborhoods, elderly men and women running low on pedal power, and even students.
    Conservative estimates, there are about 120 million electric bikes in China market.

    Did you heard of Qingdao China and the 2008 Olympic Sailing Games?
    I live in Qingdao city,on China's eastern coast, with a pleasant climate.
    Welcome to visit Qingdao when you go to China.

    Best Regards,

  5. james65

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    I spent some time working in Shanghai and Baoying. In the smaller town of Baoying the streets were flooded with e-bikes. Took some time to learn to cross the streets safely!

    Still hear from some of the people I met in China. The people there were great. Can't quite say the same for the air quality, just too much coal burning. Hope to get back there some day.
  6. BoltsMissing

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    Good point, to power the e-bikes
  7. Happy Valley

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    More to heat the homes, actually. 80% of the heated dwellings still use coal.
  8. james65

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    The key words "heated dwellings" Many,many homes and even resturants outside of the CITY do not have heat. It is strange to us that the waitress comes up to you in a parka type outfit and serves the meal with a heavy heated cast iron plate under your plate to keep it warm.

    Having said this, all the homes I visited were spotless and the people were wonderful.
  9. Happy Valley

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    No doubt James, why I chose my words carefully. It's been some time since I was there but then there was a move to coal 'briquette' stoves for heat which supposedly burn somewhat cleaner though the grind and slurry process for making them was pretty horrible. Of course, their southern cities don't need much heat.
  10. rhea2011

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    Why Electric Bikes?
    People like to ride electric bikes because they:
    - Enjoy the feeling of riding a bicycle - except for hills, starts, and headwinds.
    - Prefer their local errands to be easy, slow paced and scenic.
    - Like to save money, meet new people, and protect the environment.
    - Look for extra chances to exercise - even if it is just a little.
    - Still need convenient, point-to-point transportation after losing their driving privileges.
    - Advisability of taking part in environmental protection.
    - The possibility of realizing important economies.
    - Want their own traffic "lane", convenient parking spots and shortcuts.
    - Considered a gas-powered moped or small motorcycle, but dislike the noise, smell, starting problems and special laws.
    - Environmental protection. The chance to arrive at its work without having perspired.
    - Deserve more fun and freedom in their lives.
    - With the ever increasing rise in FUEL prices can control their own budget.

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