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Discussion in 'Electric Bicycles' started by chainmaker, Nov 9, 2009.

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    I am planning a build of a trike I want to go with an electric rear drive motor.I have no Idea how to go abvout this I am learning but I need some advice. I will be using a 5/8 axel
    What components are required for the whole system/ and what purpose do they serve ?

    Where is a good place at a reasonable price to get components.


  2. AussieJester

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    You need to do some research mate, Endless Sphere forums is your best bet i have built a trike myself from the ground up (several actually) i have a full worklog containing these builds here

    Theres many motors many controllers many different batteries chemistries to read up on you wont find all the answers here on this site as easy as you will on Endless Sphere, Motoredbikes.com is geared more towards ICE powered bicycles than electric.

    Best of luck

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  3. johnrobholmes

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    The first step is a budget. Electric gets expensive quick. A hub motor would be easiest, a divorced drive motor like a gasser would be more work and geardown.