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    I've been researching a motored bike for a while now, and lurking here for more than 6 months, occasionaly asking a question, or book marking a link on whatever computer i was on.

    2 weeks ago, I bought my Felt 1903 and a HT "80" to start actual construction. After researching and reading here (A Lot of reading!) I'm going to start ordering parts needed for the bike conversion.

    The ting is, there are a number of people who are using Felt Cruisers and HT engines, and info is spread out everywhere. sometimes you have to read through 8 pages of posts to find one link you need, and there's even more info out there on the web.

    So I decided to start a build thread, and in this thread i'm going to add links specific to converting a Felt Cruiser into a Motored bike. Sort of a consolidation of information. Others are welcome to add links too.

    And the first link I want to add is to a company thats already doing the conversion: http://www.ridleymotorcycle.com//Motorbike/1903.htm

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    I really like that Chief model

    wish it had the springer front end

    Ride That Thing - Mountainman
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    For that money I'll get a schwinn or 6 here, debadge them, fit an HT and export them back....

    They are nice looking motors but overpriced for what they are... paintjobs notwithstanding..

    jemma xx
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    Seal it!

    Yeah, I don't think I would give them $2k for $600 worth of parts assembled. the guy who sold me the motor offers to install it for $125.

    But half the fun is building a bike like this. Still, its nice to see that the Felt Cruiser is popular enough to become a comewrcial venture.

    This is the bike that gave me the most inspiration, and the first bike I saw that actualy used the tank as a tank: http://www.oroville-eternal-riders.org/motorbike.htm

    And of course, the gas tank Sealant: http://www.kbs-coatings.com/KBS-Cycle-Tank-Sealer-Kit_p_7-31.html
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    A really beautiful bike. $2000.00 is hard to live with, though.

    but consider that Felt MP at $549.00 (still a bit steep, but not too bad) and a $200.00 HT engine. That's getting a bit more reasonable.

    That looks to be about as likable as a Whizzer at a better price.
  8. Here is the european BMX version of the same: MBK

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    Um.... how exactly is that relevant? It's nothing like a Felt or even a vintage looking bike build... :(
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    For what ever its worth you should be sure and call Dans Comp to be sure they have the spoke length you need. Dan's is pretty much a BMX speciality shop and may not stock the lengths needed for the larger diam. rims most folks here are using for their motored bike projects. Depending upon what hub/rim combination you are using spoke lengths for 26 in. wheels run 258- 268mm length. 20 in. BMX wheels are down around 185mm +-. They also have a note printed on the page linked to above that they do not make spokes available for online purchasing. So I guess at a minimum you have to call them.


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    This thread isn't totaly dead. I'm still working on the bike! slowly....

    But now I have a problem. My Peugeot moped, originaly bought so I could take the VIN plate and title for the Felt build, runs too well. the reason thats a problem is It only runs because I stole the HT carb from the Felt's kit. Now I have no carb for the felt, or throttle... :whistling:

    So who's a good source for HT motor parts now? Most the links I aquired last summer are out dated, out of the office, out of stock, or just plain out of buisness.