finished sidecar


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Nov 4, 2006
Ya know Bird.....the more I look at this sidecar bike, the more I like it.
wheels are turning here :unsure: . I wanna build one. I may need you to talk me thru it. Prolly won't be doing much more about a cargo bike.


thats mostly what i use it for. i can carry people around but as a result ive had problems with the coaster break but its not realy a big deal. the sidecar itself cost 12 dollors to build. i had most of the stuff laying around i just had to buy a new fork and another pair of cresent moon bars for it. another problem ive had is the fork is mounted on the side so it kinda tweeks when you do left turns. ive had it for a couple months and didnt ride it for about 3 or 4 and was thinking about selling it but now i ride it every day or try to.


bird, i really like where this is going, please post some tips in technical support concerning frame angles, camber and toe-in?

if you'd do that, then anyone could build a budget sidecar 8) 8)

(including me...yes, you too, srdavo :) )


i copyed alot of my sidecar from one my friend made for spookytooth one day when he got bored. i made mine alot thinner and changed up alot of small things except how its mounted to the bike which i copyed because i knew it was strong and worked. i also made the back bar connecting the side car to the bike stick out instead of welding another bar under it. there bike was i think like maybe half a foot wider and shorter. the wheel on the other one is further up to i put mine back a little further because they said it handled weird with it more central. here is a pic of theres at a rally.


Bird , I love it man . When you build something it seems to come from your hands and your head and your heart. Not bought and bolted together like some folks I know. I ab/ love it and want one . Can you build me one? How much? Tom in WV


I've just finished a sidecar frame for my 1912 Harley-Davidson replica. I used a pair of unicrown forks for the outrigger wheel, as well. It's kool to see somebody else had that idea, too!! Has anyone thought of making a bicycle/sidecar where the bike could be controlled by the sidecar? You would sit in the sidecar, and pedal, steer, and brake via linkage to the bicycle. I got plans already a-brewin'!! Great job on your sidecar, it's kool to see that they haven't gone out of style!!!
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