finished sidecar


Large Filipino

I would get hurt if I had a bike like that for I would be tempted to ride the side car.
I wouldn't be able to help it.



Tent Over

A tent to cover and sleep bags and you have a fishing camping rig with built in bed etc. How neat!

What is it like cruising about town, handling and traffic-wyz?


pretty good i guess i havnt been riding or working on my bikes. the last time i road it up intill my friend borrowed mine 2 days ago; was the death race. after it i blew a gasket behind the small gear in the clutch and it was covering my clutch with oil, making it slip. But me and my friend finally got around to fixing it and now he is building his own and im making another for myself or to sell. im planning on making it realy fast and sleak. and maybe selling it to make another and probably a couple after that to get some money. i have a jeep now and a job and im trying to get money for college, but mainly a lift tires and bumpers.

ohh and the sidecar bike is still up for sale if anyone is intrested andi ever get a chance to get my back wheel back.



I am curious about one thing:

How does one travel around the city with a sidecar rig, as cool as this build is, and not have problems with traffic, etc? I have a bad enough time cruising in the bike lanes in my small town.
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Cool Rig!

I've been thinking sidecar for months. Your's is quite different from my ideas but I like it just the same.

It's taken me months to figure out how to make it work but after looking at a BMW motorcycle with a high dollar factory built side car I've figured out how to allow the bike to lean into corners while the sidecar rides flat. I guess now I need to stop talking about it and strike up an arc.

As for getting around town. I have several trikes and 2 wheelers and have found cagers give you more room and respect when your rig is wider. Did about 50 miles on my 2 wheeler today and noticed how cagers crowd 2 wheelers more than trikes.



I take it cagers are vehicles??? (Am from Minnesota, don'tcha know?)

Around here, with the generally bad winters, drivers seem not to notice stuff in warmer weather, like bikes at intersections and on the smaller city streets.

I walk a lot, and I have been involved in some 10 or 12 near-misses or where drives don't give up one inch cause they "own" the road or simply do not see me or are on cells etc. These are mostly females and older folks and it only takes one ...

When I ride, I hope for lots of luck and do lots of "go-arounds" at intersections.