First build, 66cc on a custom beach cruiser

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    Well hello there. I'm john doe. About a week ago I built myself a nice bike and slapped a little 2 stroke on it, so I thought this seemed like a good place to get some tips and tricks. Nice to meet you. Now time for me to show off my novice and mediocrity.

    The bike... Engine and all. Pretty standard beach cruiser with a longer wheel base, a very stout, somewhat heavy frame, and very heavy duty wheels, rim spoke and hub.

    The engine.I got this for about 100 bucks still in the box. I was honestly surprised how simple these things are. More akin to lawnmower than motorcycle. Not even a nice riding mower either. I'm talking the pull-start, throttle and push kind.

    THIS! is going to be the death of me. Not even joking. This idler is just... just awful. (pros, please advise.)
    the first time i tried to fire up the bike, the clutch yanked the chain just hard enough that the idler... which had been tightened down quite sturdily... slipped into the spokes and locked up the back wheel. Now, the obvious solution here is to get a better idler, but for now, I sanded the paint off of the inside of the idler mount (WHY WOULD YOU PAINT THAT AUUUGH?!) and off of the frame where said idler mount goes.

    Then I drilled a hole in a piece of sheet metal, bolted it to the idler, and hose-clamped the ends to the frame with a copious amount of inner tube.
    Extremely ghetto, but it works until i build or buy something superior.

    Overall, I'm finding this whole thing rather fun.
    I like not having to pedal uphill in the arizona heat.
    I like going 200 miles on 7 dollars worth of gas and oil.
    I like the sheer fun and novelty of riding the bike.
    I love the simplicity.
    I love everything about it!


    Except for that idler.

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    Nice cruiser. Looks like you figured out how to mount the kit tank on a thick top tube.
  3. snoopdog

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    personally i welded the ider permanently to my frame and never had issues with it ever and its now 2 years but many on the forum advise not to weld the idler to frame. yes the idler slipped before n broke 2 spokes. Thats why i welded the clamp permanently and also spot welded the bolt where it holds the idler in the correct height position.
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    also if u weld the idler to frame dont forget to paint it or it will rust very quickly. when i change my happy time engine with a new one i grind the idler bolt off with a grinder and slap on a new idler and spot weld it back on the same clamp. That way you dont have to cut off the clamp and reweld a new clamp on the frame.
  5. butre

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    that stock chain tensioner nearly was the death of me, mine slipped into the spokes and locked the back tire at nearly 40 miles an hour.

    on ebay there's a chain loaded tensioner that bolts to the output sprocket cover for around $40. it's not cheap, but it's sure cheaper than a hospital bill. it'll last you a lot longer than the engine will anyway
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    also a good idea to remove the reflector on the rare wheel. It can fly off and hurt you at high speed. They dont stay on long either.
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    Haha the same thing happened to me three weeks ago, luckily it happened when I was pedal starting the engine so I was only going a few miles an hour and I landed on my feet. It wrecked my rear tire and chain though. I've seen that engine mounted tensioner before but $40 is pretty steep for it, I think I'll get some scrap steel and make one myself.
  8. john doe

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    I just used what I call band steel, or what plumbers call hanger tape. it's steel tape with bolt holes in it. Perfect.

    I agree. I'll have to look into that. I was also thinking I might try using a jackshaft n my next go at it, so that might largely avoid this specific issue. If not, the engine mounted idler might work there too...

    I was wondering about that. There are much better places for a reflector anyway.
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