First Build: '70's Puch Toledo Cruiser

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    Hey guys!

    Well I am about to start my new spring project which is to motorize my wife's Puch Toledo. This will be my first bicycle build. (I've build several cars and motorcycles)

    I've searched the forums and haven't noticed anyone building on Puch Bicycle so if anyone has come across a thread I would love to see it. I'm putting a few pictures up so you guys can see the before and after.

    I'm thinking about placing a Grubee Skyhawk GT5 on it just to get back and forth to school. It has 24" wheels (36 spokes and cruiser brake) and a nice rust free frame.(That I can see at least) The reason I'm on here though is to get some additional opinions.

    I'm putting three photo's up; could you guys take a look at them and advise me on any obvious problems on the bike you might see?

    Thank you in advance.

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    Wow. i have never seen a Puch cruiser: only their road bikes.