First build - Dax 80 on ancient Huffy

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  1. CLynn85

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    So after seeing these things on ebay for years and stumbling onto this forum a little while back, I finally decided to order a kit. After reading some reviews on here I went with the Dax 80cc kit.

    I originally intended to do the install on a walmart mountain bike I've ridden for the last 6yrs or so, but I wasn't convinced on the looks. On top of that, it has a MASSIVE front down tube which made mounting tricky, so instead I switched gears (no pun intended) and went cruiser style.

    This old Huffy was in one of the sheds at my grandparents farm. I went ahead and just did a basic install for the first go-round to try it out and see if I really liked it enough to go further with it. It's not THAT old, but it has been around. Everything went together pretty well over the course of an afternoon (aside from modifying the coaster brake and drive sprocket, what a PITA) and it's a blast to ride.

    I definitely plan on scrounging up a front brake as the coaster works, but does not instill a lot of confidence, as well as a spring tensioner, and replacing some of the hokey spacers and washer-stacks with proper spacers/brackets.

    Anyway, on to the pics.

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  2. Top Cheese

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    That is what you call impressive! And a classic bike.
  3. azbill

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    she cleaned up nicely !!!
    nice build :)
  4. impression

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    most of us in teh land down under don't see any of those curvy frame bikes, we all get "v" frame and lately a lof of bikes with rear suspension which are useless to us :(
  5. srdavo

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    ya gotta luv those barn-fresh bikes!!

    nice bike!!!

    :eek:fftopic: those saddles, in the 1st pic, oughta clean up good too!! (dust em....saddle soap...then rub em down with mink oil!!) :grin5:
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  6. keylan

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    cool bike man, i just built one for myself off of a good vibrations platform! its awesome

    a few points that worked for me was to knock out as many links off of the chain as possible and only use the tensioner to pick up the slack from that last half a link distance, once the chain stretches out, take out the last link and ditch the tensioner all together.

    I took a front brake off of an old mountain bike and stuck it on here, I ditched the back wheel/coaster brake and started fresh, i got a new wheel, new tire, and a new freewheel, works absolutely awesome!

    here are some pics from my build, I would love to hear some input for your plans for that bike

    ride that thing!
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  7. CLynn85

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    Thanks for the input. I had a lot of fun riding it yesterday and had a ton of questions from everyone in the neighborhood, one even knew what a whizzer was!

    Dave, the saddles are actually in pretty good shape and should clean up nicely. They belong to our tenants, I'm not a horseback rider myself (not saying I wouldn't try it, just never had the opportunity).

    Keylan, looks very clean without the tensioner. I may do the same myself. I wish I could find another good vibrations bike (maybe even one in better shape) to do a 49cc build to compare the two and have one for the wife or a friend to ride.
  8. macLovin

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    It's crazy, how someone can take something in super bad condition, like that huffy, and turn it to something super sick. Nice build bro
  9. ozzyu812

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    I would have had to keep the "good vibrations" chain guard.
  10. seanhan

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    Nice Huffy Dude !!
    I Love to see those before and after pics !!!
    Now go ride that thing....
  11. CLynn85

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    Thanks. It's fun giving something old a new purpose.

    I like the chain guard too. I had to remove it for engine clearance but I'll likely notch it out and reinstall it.