First build: spoons are not just for soupe!

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    This is my first build, 20miles on it so far, tested up to a ~34mph speed. Nothing fell off in the attempt :grin5: It looks like the sweet spot is around 25-27mph, little vibration, good power delivery.

    The frame is a 1982 Murray Baja mountain bike, the front wheel is original but the rear one is brand new as the spokes where to thin for the load. Brakes need to be replaced asap as they are very weak! The frame is bare so that it will be easy to clean and if/when rust shows up.

    The rear sprocket was easy to install and the chain doesn't come of, so that should be fine. The tensioner however tends to slide down, so I added a spacer to keep it in position. I think I'm going to change it soon with a 11thoot sprocket.

    The kit did not come with the proper mount for the throttle so I had to adapt one. The metal could not be too thick because of the top screw that it attached too, so the best thing I had at hand was a spoon... it works well with little flex. I also added two springs to the throttle (one compressing the cable and one pulling the black plastic butterfly actuator.

    The muffler did not have the proper attachment so I left the factory muffler and I modified it to spit rearward. It's light, definitely not too noisy but I don't know if power delivery can be improved with the longer muffler.

    In the transmission I added ~50mL of 80W shaft drive oil (this transmission should be in essence like a shaft drive, isn't?) but I have read that a thicker oil is better.

    Any advice? See any problem with the current set up?
    Thanks, David

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    I love the spoon job!!
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    If you wrap the wire around the fuel hose connections twice before you twist it tight you will get a full 360 degree seal instead of having the area underneath the twisted part get pinched with a gap.
    Overall your build looks really good.
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    The kit comes with the proper mounts for the aftermarket pipe you need to remove the factory one and install the gasket and pipe and use the two bolts that are very small probably the two left over to attach.

    As for the throttle you are correct the Honda kits do not have the linkage do to the fact that the Honda's were not intended for this purpose and that would be something you would need to make up.

    But I must say that is a lovely looking ride and I hope you have many many enjoyable miles on her with zero problems!
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    Good advice, I'll do that, Thanks