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Discussion in 'Friction Drive' started by Mercurius, Dec 2, 2008.

  1. Mercurius

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    It took a while to get together all the tools and materials, but persistence is paying off. This has been a trip all around, never laid a finger on a milling machine till now, still getting used to it. Thing has a mind of its own.

    Anyway, if I can do this, i'm pretty sure anyone else can.

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  2. bluegoatwoods

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    Very good!

    The photos didn't go all the way to a finished bike. But it looks as though you are building a rear-mount friction drive?

    Gotta admire the guys like you who do their own engineering.
  3. Mercurius

    Mercurius Member

    Thanks, and yes it's a friction drive. A while back, the guy from posted all the plans on how to make one of these, and luckily I wrote most of it down (drew diagrams etc) because he took em down not too long ago.

    I got some parts from him, the engine and metals from his suggested online sources. So, the credit goes to him because otherwise it would've taken a lot longer to figure out how to build this. With the plans, it took 2 days to get it done. Can't wait to try this out!

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  4. Mercurius

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    The shoulder bolt comes out a bit far, so I guess it will be ok to fill up the space with some washers. We'll see.

    And I don't have a way to knurl the drive roller, so i might have to get someone to do it for me. Who knows, it might not even be necessary.
  5. Mountainman

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    hey that's pretty nice work being done on that THING

    and to the gentleman who gave you the plans --- VERY KIND

    please post some more pictures when that rack THING is mounted on your

    motor bike THING ------ and then have fun as you ride that THING
  6. SirJakesus

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    I have a friction drive of similar design (commercial kit). You'll love it for sure.
    About knurling: If you leave the shaft smooth it'll probably work fine when dry, possibly a bit of slip. If it gets wet at all you'll probably go nowhere. Even the folks with knurled drive rollers have to go really easy on the throttle and pedal a lot more when the tires get wet.

    Nice job though, it looks like the hardest parts are behind you.
  7. Esteban

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    What's that wooly thing hiding under your machine ?>?
  8. Mercurius

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    heh, the wooly beast is a Persian cat, been my buddy/shadow for about 11 years now.

    So, here the update about the friction drive kit:

    I mounted the kit/engine on the bike today, first time. But the clutch drum won't seem to 'coast'. It's in drive upon cranking, and stalls out when I hit the brake. So, I'll try some longer spacers tomorrow, between the engine and the engine channel, maybe that'll work. ANY ADVICE on that would be greatly appreciated! Otherwise, we'll see what happens tomorrow with the longer spacers.


    The drive roller, w/out the knurl, seems to grab very well so far.


    Here's some more pics. (in my previous pics, I had an orange 2 stroke. But I won a TLE43 on Ebay, came in last week, and used it to test out the kit. Runs good)

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  9. butch27

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    Are you SURE your friend is a cat? Looks a lot like a beaver.LOL
  10. Rgvkid

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    Great work! I have been doing my setup myself also. I feel guilty paying the prices for these knowing i can do it myself, granted if i have the time. The first one is alway the most difficult. Im sure the next one will be more improved and alot easier.

    How did the holes line up? Did the clutch drum come out true to the clutch?

    What kind of Mill is that and how much do they run? Thats the one thing i desperately need in my shop. It make things a heck of alot easier with the right tools and if you are handy, they pretty much pay for themselves.

    Thanks for the post. Great job!

    You can weld tacks on the roller and then sand them down a bit with a flapdisc on an angle grinder, thats what i did. Check out my post and pics on My roller works great for me. I think it works alot better then one that is knurled and so far it doesn't seem to have much where on the tire at all.

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  11. Mercurius

    Mercurius Member

    (about the milling machine)... I had my eye on Harbor Freight's mini-mill for a while, but found one used on Craigslist for $350 (reg. $600). He even threw in 6 different sized collets, so I got lucky on that one. Here's the link to it.....

    But anyway, man I hope my second one IS easier than the first (many mistakes made). The main mistake, despite my best effort, misaligned the two large 1- 3/16" holes for the roller drive (drilled out with a step-bit). It was off just a hair, enough to make the drive noticeably uneven. I felt that it might put an extra strain on the engine if left that way, so I shaved of more aluminum on side to even it up. But that caused some slack around the 1-3/16" bearing, making it shake around and vibrate real bad. So I used layers upon layers of aluminum tape (leftover from some duct work a while back), and filled in the gap. So now, both bearings are snug and even steven.

    The clutch drum sticking was partly because the 5" long shoulder bolt (1/2" width, 3/16" threads , then screwed into the clutch drum) was pressing into the tension spring between the centrifugal clutch's flyweights. Also partly because of the bearing issue. So after fixing that, I milled about 1/2" off the threaded part, put it back together and PROBLEM RESOLVED. Wooo hooo.

    thanks for the words and thoughts!! I really like this forum.

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  12. Rgvkid

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    Yup, alignment is a major concern. Not sure how the pros do it, but you have to make sure you have a square and level vise to start with. Glad to hear you got some of the bugs out. Let us know how the test ride goes.
  13. SirJakesus

    SirJakesus Guest

    Looks nice, almost exactly like my staton friction kit. Same engine too!
  14. Rgvkid

    Rgvkid Member

    You might get more level holes if you drill them out before you cut out the bottom plate of the square tubing. This way there will be less flex in the material when you press it with the mill.
  15. Mercurius

    Mercurius Member

    Most of the bike engine sellers seem to have the same design going, so I might be selling a few locally or renting them this spring/summer. And since times are hard these days, I'm hoping I can make a few much needed bucks.

    I agree with waiting to cut the leg off After drilling the holes. But since I have two more channels already cut, I'm going to have to be very extra careful in order to get it perfect. The next round of channels though, i'm going to drill the holes first, and cut later.

    Thanks for the advice folks!

    (Here's the test ride link. It was very windy today in Louisville, so sorry about the noisy vid)

    ETA... The drive roller's only 1", so top speed seemed to be around 20mph or so (maybe a little more). But the wind was blowing so hard, it was hard to tell. Can't wait for a nicer day to try her out again.
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  16. Happy Valley

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    Got a question for ya, sent a PM.
  17. eastwoodo4

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    very professional.those will last as long as any other.i can tell with out asking that it works well.having it knurled is a must.u need to invest in a lathe now if u havent already.ive been wanting to get one.i pay 45 to have a machinist make my spindles.
  18. dchrist

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    New Build

    Greetings all...I thought I would also add my new build to others. I attached some pictures as I made some changes to the DE fiction drive kit that adds a little more beef to the system. I have a 1.75 roller mounted that will probably get me to the 30mph range, (based more on what others have posted). I would like to cruse in the 30-35 mph range...but will have to wait for the weather to get warmer. I'm interested in any feedback.

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  19. It's a thing of great beauty! Wow, I can't wait till I build mine. :D nice engine I hope it serves you well.
  20. Mercurius

    Mercurius Member

    It's been a while since i've posted, but thought I'd give some updates... (i tend to ramble, so bear w/me :D )

    I worked a knurled bike peg over the 1" slick roller, and it shot me into warp speed (36mph). Louisville's often very windy, so I have to kiss the handlebar headset to get to that speed.

    I had a friend of a friend, who's a machinist, to make me 5-hole jig, to set my drill holes. Using the jig, I've almost got the alignment problem licked.

    I'm still working with the same 3 channels I made 10 months ago, vowing not to order anything else until these are perfected. 2 have several hours on each, the 3rd one almost ready to mount and take it to the testing grounds.

    So, after discovering the joy of the knurleness, I ordered 2 one-way rollers from BMP, and the one I've used works awesome.

    My girlfriend and I get to ride together finally, and she loves it. We're duelin' TLE43, one each, and what a growl those babys make in stereo, side by side.

    Got more pics coming. Have a cheap red beach cruiser, my other FD on it, and it looks sweet, rides sweeter. Flat tire the other day tho, so no pics yet. Soon tho.

    Check out my vid, it's kinda long and noisy in spots, but she taped me and clocked me against the speedometer. You'll see it at 34mph, but I got up faster than that at certain points.

    I love this site. You folks are very helpful, and it's nice to find others interested in these. Most folks around here.... NOT interested in em. Vacant looks -to- outright disgust. Some go out of their way to say hi and ask about it. Those are the nicer ones. ha.