First long cruise yesterday.

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    Hello all, first long cruise. Total mileage around 40 or so. Bike did well going north to my destination "I&M canal" but on the way back I fought the wind. The 49cc had trouble pushing me "190 pounds" and the bike against it. So I pedaled a little here and there no big deal. When I arrived home I still had a little in the tank which proves they do get about 55 miles to a half gallon tank. But also when I got home I noticed my pedal crank bearings had all but came apart. Is this usual on the cheaper frames? Mines a huffy cranbrook frame. And if so is there a sight I could order more? I can still pedal just a lot of play and I've tightened the nut down as tight as I felt comfortable doing.

    Thanks y'all

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    Yup! Bearings and such are easy to get. You could go with or I buy most bike parts from one or the other.

    But crank bearings, cones and such are also easy to come by on the curbs in most neighborhoods. People throw bikes away all the time.

    Still, unless there was damage to your crank bearing parts, you ought to be able to tighten that crank back up and ride again. There'll be a bearing cone plus a lock nut on the side of the crank away from the chain. Tighten the cone first, then the lock nut.

    They'll be reverse threaded on this side of the bike. Same thing with the pedal on this side, for that matter.
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    Thanks! Woke up early this morning and decided to monkey with it. They tightened right up. Good to know on a place to get them! Thanks
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    I replaced the loose bottom bracket on my motobicycle with a sealed bottom bracket. I bought a Truvativ American to Euro adapter and a sunlite sealed cartridge 68mm wide with 103mm spindle length bottom bracket. For about $25 bucks for these two parts you will not have to worry about your loose system failing on you again. There are some good videos on YouTube that demonstrate how to install both of these parts. You will thank yourself in the long run if you upgrade these components. That said if you do replace it you'll also probably have to get a new crankset, pedals and chain if your current tooth count on your one piece crank differs from the new crankset chain ring that you replace it with. I can go on if you're interested lol