First real test run of a new Cheez pk80

Discussion in 'Video Gallery' started by Fast Shag, Dec 9, 2015.

  1. Fast Shag

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    This girl SCREAMS! 37 MPH and not even broken in! Mild port work: 2mm off sides of intake and exhaust, port matched, .5mm off exhaust, mildly ramped and skirted piston. Running a little rich on low end, but I like that for break in. It throws more mix into cylinder for cooling coming off high end. Running a little lean on top end, I will fix that and it should increase top end. 32:1 break in fuel mix. I run my motors somewhat hard for break in to let those rings set in well. WOT for short times, let off and go through all rpm range. Keep to short rides. Don't overheat it! All around GREAT motor; good castings, very low vibs, great low end! [video][/video]

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    nice run. my first kit was a complete zoom kit at $200cad with local pick up, my second was a complete kit from Cheez at $139usd + $60 usd shipping + $42cad customs. the Cheez ends up almost $100 cad more, and worth it. only thing I liked and kept from the zoom kit originally was the stubbie port matching intake. Cheez hardware and auxiliary stuff are much better quality, and engine is smoother. I sheared the mount studs on the Cheez block though (long story), so now I have zoom crankcase and the rest is Cheez, except intake and sha clone with air and fuel adjust. for americans I think Cheez is one of the best engine choices and cheap considering what he gives you. also Cheez threw in extra gaskets and gclips and hardware, all very handy and free.

    I will always go to Cheez first for engines now. shipping and customs suck, but it is what it is.