Found this kawasaki engine


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Apr 9, 2018
United States
Would this work and be a good quality engine for a Staton friction or chain drive kit? Already have a chinese 43cc 2 stroke and gx50 clone is coming but im thinking about japanese motors again.

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Yeah I was debating whether to get one of those. $229 on ddm but it looks like it's missing the tank. I think the kawasaki would be a nice motor too.
I had one at one point but I gave it to someone without using it, never again. Never heard from that kid after. Staton kit and a g430rc and no thanks to me he must've been too lazy to use it. He lived at a trailer court across from the school I went to. Matter of fact he was probably schizophrenic.
I'm not a 2 stroker, people swear by those Z's though. Look at the price vs the Kawi.
The kawasaki is more but it's also 53cc instead of 41.5cc if it's 2 stroke better be japanese. Remember I started with a CG engine too. It seems mostly EU sellers have the tj53e
$450 shipped to USA vs $300 for the Z shipped. You decide, I'm just offering info for you.