Found this kawasaki engine

Engine Type2-Stroke, Horizontal Shaft, Single Cylinder, Air-cooled
Number of cylinders1
Bore x stroke44 x 35 mm
Max. power2.0 kW (2.68 hp) / 8500 rpm
Max. torque3.0 Nm (2.21 ft.lbs) / 5000 rpm
Fuel tank capacity1.1 litres
Dry weight4.5 kg
Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm)203 x 290 x 275
I think my niche is these 76mm clutch small engines I liked my subaru and seems like a good platform. I of course started with a CG and a white huffy about 2016 but found I liked 4 strokes or atleast japanese made 2 strokes better overall. It's just a pain to bring a premix bottle with you but with a 4 stroke you can go to the gas pump and be good. A bigger tank is also a good idea if you take long rides.
There's no better or worse, just personal choices. Me, it's a hobby. I like 4 strokes, gas n go. I plan my trips by what fuel stations are nearby. 100 mile rides are easy, some less. FD's I like, reliable and easy to fix. Fair weather ride fo shoo, water is not your friend for tire roller slippage. Just my choice, no right or wrong. I enjoy putting a bike together, maintaining it. Not fixing it. If you spend more time working on it, then riding there's a problem. Always adjusting the brake pads, tire air, checking bolts, steerings tight etc. That's the safety part and I enjoy that.
I didnt even know Kawasaki made little engines like this I bet with a expansion chamber it’d be a ripper