Friction drive spindle replacement

Discussion in 'Friction Drive' started by u2smile, Sep 15, 2012.

  1. u2smile

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    Hi I have the kind that is pressed into the channel.
    Do any of you have exp with these?
    Any vids or clear instructions?

    What if you do not have a press? What could do the job?


  2. loquin

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    Try a short piece of heavy bar stock. Drill a half-inch hole in the center. Feed a half inch bolt with flat washer though the bearing, then through the bar stock. (The bar should be on the flange side of the bearing.) Add a nut, place a spacer that's a little thicker than the bearing is under each end of the bar, and tighten the nut. Keep tightening it until the bearing slides out. As you tighten, initially you might need to tap the bearing to break it free.

    here's a sketch of the puller I threw together:
    Bearing Puller.png

    Note that this puller stands a good chance of damaging the bearing, as it applies the force to the inner race..

    To install the new bearing, you could use this tool, too, to pull the new bearing into place, but ONLY if you can apply the force to the outer race of the bearing, not the inner race. (knock out the guts of a bearing, then use the old flanged race as the die against the new outer race.)