Front Wheel Drive?

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    Hi All,
    I tried to do a search for this but I have bad luck with search.I was wanting to know if you have a heavy duty front wheel and spokes could you run a chain/sprocket set-up on it.Is there any cons to front wheel drive? The motor would sit on a platform that's mounted on the bikes frame just above the front wheel.There is one problem I know of,that is the clearance between the fork and wheel.But it that were tackled,what say you? Thanks...

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    should be ((no major problem)) if motor put on the front end BikeMan

    I think that a few of the reasons that we don't see this more is because
    dealing with the possible smell in the nose -- yes known -- many direct it way down
    makes steering a lot heavier
    chain breaking and whipping into face -- don't think so -- but -- just putting it out there

    ride that THING front or back or as we have seen BOTH
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    Take a look at Large Filipino's trike - his "buggy bike". He has front wheel drive and a multi-speed hub on it.
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    Yo Bikeman: Plenty of recumbents have used FWD so there are plenty of good examples. Fork will need to be widened & may need to be modified for chain clearance. . Go for it. Check out <>
    Here's a pic of a FWD bent

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    Not sure but I think time and effort to achieve your end goal will make the front wheel drive not the desirable way to go..... plus IMO control is better from rear end..... and then there is the comments that rear drive is proven...