Fugitive Pro Magna

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  1. I took this BADBOY in on trade in for my 60'S Murray Monterey. I had to get it running involved flushing the fuel system, changing carb, put deraileur on rear took off front one, replaced crank bottom bracket abearings and cups, chain, hooked up the brakes, had to repair tank leaks including the cap gasket, adjusted chain, and then came the gaskets the carb on tube was doublewrapped with teflon tape, intake gasket (made it), .

    Just took it for a spin did great the clutch wants to grab a little soafter you pop the regular pullin clutch you can just not use it anymore and its not sticky when you stop. there is a screw on the rear part of the housing like where the cover goes over the manual clutch plate looks like it is an adjustment I couldnt see it being a lube(wet) hole cause the manual lever works like new but you can use it either way. its a 50cc'er. Good little unit I nkoww. O after the ride the centrifugal clutch quieted way down. Been sitting I beleive since it was installed ... maybe a handfull of miles.

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  2. Mountainman

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    a nice looking MB

    sounds like you have that baby -- up and running

    Hot Doggies !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ride that thing Mountainman
  3. thank you. The Guy I got it from wants it for a friend to go on rides with as we live a great distance between mostof my riding is to to wor kand general transportation. It did go up a steep hill by my house with about four crank turns.
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