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  1. super dave

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    hey guys we went for a ride this weekend and here is shot of the two bikes. the gas bike i built for my friend last year which features a 80cc motor with NOS shot kit. my new bike is an electric motor which is a 1000 watt. well weather was a bit cool but a nice ride. and i know you will ask so yah the gas bike does have a better top speed but the electric is not far off, well better take off then the gas bike. hey just nice to be out with one of your buddies for a ride !!


  2. G-Superior

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    really cool looking bikes you have there! :eek:
    I like the electric one because its legal here where I life but i would prefer to have the 2 stroker :D
  3. wheelbender6

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    I dig both bikes. Where do you mount your batteries on the electric one?
    Electric bikes are not street legal in Hawaii, but they are street legal most anywhere else.
  4. super dave

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    hey wheelbender i got myself a handle bar bag from the bike store and it fits perfect.
  5. Stoney

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    how long will that battery pack last (miles)
  6. super dave

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    it all depends on a few factors, i don't pedal much and get a good 45 min. ride time, you have different power levels, rejen braking and how much you may pedal. the big trill is is the power of the 1000 watt kit. great power rite off the hop man. i have found around 35 mph top speed. i have started my second electric build and have a third one in the works.
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    super dave,
    what rear hub motor? crystalite? what are the specs? I am in the process of building one also, but might go the front hub vs the rear. How hard is it to pedal when the juice turns off? Did your freewheel bolt on from your original bike? does your rear have the disc mount? also, what did you spend on the hub? controller? batteries? did you buy a kit?
    sorry for all the questions,
    seems like you have a perfect setup.

  8. super dave

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    well i am no expert when it comes to elelctric bikes so i can only give you my opinion so far. i did a lot internet searching and made this decision. E+ Electric 1000 watt lipo kit, the rear hub kit comes as a standard 7 speed hub all wiring interface and thumb trottle and battery charger. pedals as easy as no kit is there which is nice. i have optional disc brake kit installed. so must be careful which bike you choose or be ready to do some custom work. for me it has worked out well for me and i am really happy.