Ghost Racer 7G cut off while riding


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Jan 13, 2018
Hi i'm new here. Thank you for reading. Help is greatly appreciated.
My motor bike has cut off on me while riding in 22 degree weather and won't start up again.

I've had the kit for 1 1/2 years or so and this is the first breakdown.
I'm sure i'm due for another oil change... it had been a bit more sluggish than usual for maybe 10 minutes leading up to breaking down...

I have checked fuel flow from the tank which seems to be just fine as far as I can tell without running. I inspected the NT carb -it seemed fine. The spark plug on the other hand, was fouled out and blackened so, cleaned thoroughly with gas.

About that spark plug: (don't know if this could be affecting anything)
I had broken the spark plug tip (plug end) and managed to solder back on and have been using it like that from the beginning. Well it was intact when I checked it but wanted to make sure somehow my plug wasn't getting saturated with oil thereby preventing spark (still newbie) so I double checked after cranking the motor a few times and that's when the tip broke in the rubber plug.....

SO I re-soldered the tip to the rest of the spark plug and took off the rubber boot on the plug cable and soldered that metal clip to the spark plug... need this on the road.

I also inspected the kill switch internal connections and wires. Nothing shorted, nothing disconnected.

Last night I adjusted my valves as they were on the tight side. I adjusted to .004 intake and .006 exhaust. Could tight valve lashing have contributed? I understand that these small 4 strokes can get tighter with time and are set from the factory "by someone in china who may or may not take pride in their work."

Thank you so much. This is my only transportation and I just lost my job!!

I'll post a couple pics tomorrow.