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Jun 18, 2008
Well its going to be a long journey but i will soon have a street legal home made moped.... aka motorized bike.... With all my research finished. i learned i cant go over 50cc and must have break lights turn signals and a head lights to ride on the street... After the bike is finished i must get it approved for the road by an Enhanced Vehicle Inspector. Then i must buy moped insurance about 60 dollars a year. Summit all to the state and receive title and a registered PA moped plate for my bike.

So to sum it all up
50cc kit about $250
Inspection $40
Insurance $60
Registration $6
Look on Police Officers face when i get pulled over and im legit.....

"SUPER HILARIOUS" since one of the cops at my college is a strict butt hole... :D
I have been wondering how that all works. There are an awful lot of contradictions in the PA vehicle code with respect to the definitions. If you are going for a Moped then go for it. If, however, you are driving a Motorized Pedalcycle then you are exempt from inspection. http://www.dot3.state.pa.us/pdotforms/pub_45/section_jk.pdf Check out the very end of section J.

Keep us posted. I will be interested to know how you make out with PennDot!
Yes, Pennsylvania laws are very confusing. I believe that the "motorized pedalcycle" is the route to take. Mopeds have all of the licensing requirements and "motorized pedalcycles" seem to be exempt. I have a friend that rides a happy time cruiser daily in nice weather. The police just wave at him and smile. I am no attorney, but take a look at the last paragraph of the fact sheet. Thanks / Buck


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Trying to get through all the contradictions in the vehicle code caused me to give up trying to get my '46 Columbia tagged for the street. On one hand, it says that "Motorized pedalcycles and side-cars for motorcycles are not titled in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania." Yet on another page of the booklet I have it states that in order to be registered it needs to be titled. One hand doesn't know what the other is doing. I don't worry about it riding around town because the police in town are familiar with my bike, they know about the grey area and they know I won't be an idiot on it. They just wave at me and smile. But now that I have a Whizzer that is tagged for the road, I'm able to venture farther afield. :)
The biggest hurdle is when you go for the inspection. They still call it a bicycle and fail you. I hope you get it legalized. And please let us know the outcome.

PS. Don't forget mirror(s) and a horn.
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PennDOT told me mopeds and motorized pedalcycles are one and the same. Moped is an abbreviation.

What if I bought an old used junk moped for it's title, then stamp my MB with the moped VIN#, while also transferring the badges/ name plate/ stickers to the MB ? And of course, I'll make sure the bike has lighting, horn, etc.
Am I nuts ? Well... I'll re-phrase that. Can it work?
The DMV fact sheet came from Pennsylvania Bureau of Motor Vehicles - Research and Support Operations Section.

The fact sheet is archived at:

My friend that rides the happy time carries a copy of this with him, just in case. He also picked up a copy of the new fact sheet that doesn't have "motorized pedalcycle" listed in the last paragraph. He contacted his state representative about the difference in the fact sheets. He was told that the law is still in effect, and they didn't know why it was omitted.

You could send both copies to your state representative, and ask him if
"motorized pedalcycles" are not titled in Pennsylvania.

Let us know how you make out. Thanks / Buck
Ok i have talked to every one from Harrisburg to title agencies and to make every thing easy here is a step by step check list to go legal in PA

1. Get a sturdy safe pedal bike. (gears dont matter since they are on the bike)
2. Attach an engine that is under 50cc. Since it has one gear it is considered an atomatic.
3. Configure a head light (dot approved is best) and working brake light. The best way is to use this lever with the front brake ElectricScooterParts.com - Brake Levers
4. No need for turn signals
5. Have some kind of horn
7. Ask them to do an Inspection with a MV-426B form with pictures ($160)
8. Buy Moped insurance for about 60 dollars a year
9. Go to an title registration office. With prof of insurance and the MV-426B form and you pictures of the bike.
10. Wait 3 to 8 weeks for title
11. Get bike registered with new title and receive a MOPED plate
12. Now YOU ARE LEGAL!!!

I should be legal by Mid August ill keep every one posted if i encounter problems...