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Discussion in 'Stolen Bicycles & Security' started by AlexRSS8, Apr 26, 2009.

  1. AlexRSS8

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    Caught someone trying to steal my bike, grabbed a chain and belt **** out of him, told him to **** off before i called the cops, he dissapeared, but was bruised to the s***house, I hope he has internal bleeding and dies, *******s like that deserve the worst punishment possible.

    Theives, Gotta catch em' all, and im 13 but with a chain i can open a can of whipass!

  2. POPS

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    Good for you dude, they totally deserved some of your womp ***! ...POPS & K
  3. fetor56

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    Good,should happen more often.
  4. Mountainman

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    I have also in the past done this to thiefs caught in the act

    one guy who had my radio in his hands took one to the chin feel back
    and almost went through a large plate glass window
    I was working for the City at the time
    came close to losing my job that day..................

    my son is also known to have jacked a few up
    kind of in the blood

    we treat graffiti ones and thiefs about the same here when caught !!! not good !!!

    just a note here -- still even though you are in the right -- TO A POINT
    if you (((hurt one seriously))) ---- expect a trip to jail..........

    knocking out a thiefs eye could bring 1 to 5 years in prison -- no joke

    ride the MB thing
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  5. AlexRSS8

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    Nah, it was on private property, and around here if you hit a thief on private property,police ask you how you 'defended' yourself, and your property, its a bit corrupt, but in the fight for good doing and such
  6. SirJakesus

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    Good, he'll think twice before he tries to jack somebody elses stuff. Bastids.
  7. SimpleSimon

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    Wasn't my doing, but I heard the fight and watched the aftermath. My next door neighbors are good people, with a 12 yr old son and two smaller daughters. The boy has a fuull suspension 20 inch mountain bike he is very careful to keep thoroughly chained up at the back of the apartments when he isn't on it. Unfortunately, the woman who lives directly below them is a crack head, and has a pretty steady flow of unsavory characters in and out. Seems one of them decided he was gonna steal and sell the boys bike one day about a week ago.

    He didn't reckon on the neighbors - this complex has 8 apts in 2 (old) wooden buildings, and the other building has 9 younger folks living in those 4 apts. One of whom is in the police academy, the others being pretty nice kids, all of them. One of them saw the guy trying to cut the chain on the bike, got his roommate, and accosted the guy. Which started a fight - while they were fighting the guy in the police academy came home for lunch, and waded in.

    The would be thief got trashed really badly, and then when the cops got there they searched him and found three "rocks" on him. So, now he is in the local jail charged with possession with intent to sell crack cocaine, attempted theft, and three counts of assault with intent to do gross bodily harm - he hit one of the guys with a hacksaw and cut his arm badly.

    I hope he likes his time on the banks of the Mississippi in one of the toughest prisons in North Anerica.

    All for a bike he might have gotten $20 for at a pawn shop.
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  8. impression

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    Nice work alex :D
  9. Ed Johnson

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    I have a half dozen huge ( HUGE) capacitors from a trade i did years ago for some car stereo stuff....all legal...wouldnt a generator, a couple huge caps and a pair of metal strips on the handlebars help stop this nonsense?..yea, i may be liable for a thief going into uncontrollable spazms but i honestly dont care..Anyone interested in the schematics...i will post them soon as their done...( now if i could only find some volunteers.
  10. SimpleSimon

    SimpleSimon Active Member

    I like the way you think, Ed,

    Let's get creative here, though. Same basic idea, but cover the seat in a woven metallized cloth fabric, make one side of the circuit the handlebars, the other side the seat.

    Bet a thief that got a jolt in the huevos would think 3 times about stealing another bike.
  11. seanhan

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    Nothin worse

    Than a Thief !!!!!
  12. fasteddy

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    SimpleSimon--That is cruel and evil!I must say I personaly admire that in a person.
  13. eastwoodo4

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    did u say bastids?man thats an awful accent.
  14. loquin

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    You know, with a battery, a spare coil, a small capacitor and relay, you could make a really fine 'joy buzzer' that could light someone up... just like grabbing the spark plug wire.
  15. fastboy9

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  16. Ed Johnson

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    If i could just set up the water bottle to deliver a good dose of salt water when the metal fabric seat was sat on...MUY ROASTED HUEVOS!...
  17. Mike Hunt

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    disconnect brakes and set up throttle to lock once it goes past 1/2 when you park
  18. HoughMade

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    I'm all for defending your stuff- in person. I would not be so quick to set traps. What seems like a good idea to stop the theft of something worth under $1,000 can cost you that and more- including some of your freedom. What are the chances? Many guys down at the County lock-up asked that question.
  19. machiasmort

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    OOOoh! I never thought of the relay and coil!!!

    I used to charge a Cap a day and leave it on my bosses desk, just small ones! LOL! He'd come in and grab it every time!!! I swear he liked the Buzz or something! Oh he used to get so mad, not knowing who did it! He would get used to the color and know not to touch, LOL! That's when I knew to change the flavor!!! Hahaha! A coil and relay set up would have set him over the edge! He'd call one of his favorites in, like the bomb squad, to see if it was ok to touch something!

    Out of all the Crazy stuff that's happened to me, never caught a thief, at least redhanded. Good going!
  20. Al.Fisherman

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    I live in Alabama for the past 11 years, before that Mississippi for 20 years. Thanks to Gov. Haley Barber of Mississippi, you can stop a thief in your yard with DEADLY force....such as BLOW THE MF away. A friend of mine, just earlier this year caught a thief trying to steal his neighbors Pit Bulls (had permission to watch house/yard). Well I'll put it this way....the thief...well he'll NEVER steal or attempt to steal anything again.