im a victim of a hit-and-run

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  1. I Was turning the corner I didn't see anything didn't hear anything next thing I knew I was Bam Bam Out of nowhere!!!! I flew from the streets over the curb over the grass and to the sidewalk. This is why I was told not to tighten my gas tank very tight so when you do get hit or crash your gas tank will Just spin and not crack . I am guessing I was out for 2 minutes I never seen the car truck or vehicle. I have had some close calls, Especially very close to my house Which is where this happened.. There's an old man in a catalytic who has an out fir me. I'm wondering if it was him? He tried running me off the road in broad daylight and I caught up with him He laughed it off and said next time I'll get yah!

    The police said since they're gone all we can do is make a report we're not going to catch anybody and we're not going to be able to do anything. That's the way the police station operates in my town.
    I live in a. Very rich town. Multi million $houses, I live on a small ranch 115,000.00 worth qbout$85.000.00 a lot of pompous pricks her in Bartlett Illinois.
    Cops basically told me tough sh*t! If I'm hurt call an ambulAnd. Hung up! I am beat up sore , roadrash bloody. Maybe a few small broken bones and lost lenses off new trifocals no line progressives. I'm do disappointed

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    Omgosh! :eek:
    Idk what to say.. First, I guess, I am extremely sorry to hear about your experience, I can totally relate, I know you are feeling a lot of hurt and anger and stuff.. I have been run off the road and even hit too by pr!cks in cages and it really does make my emotions very overwhelming and dealing with an attack on one's life is mentally extremely difficult and disturbing.

    I am very glad that you are still with us.

    Difficult to focus on that though.. :(:confused::mad:

    Cagers will always resent those who choose to ride.. And it seems cops everywhere will always choose ignore this kind of violence. :(

    It's like to stand any chance of getting the same justice as they give to cagers you have to pay GoPro $$$hundreds and go around with your shock proof video camera strapped to your head or at least bars for the rest of your life. Even then it only works in daylight. :confused:

    I hope you are healing and recovery comes fast, and that there's not too much rebuilding to do on your bike.
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    George Hanson: You know, this used to be a helluva good country. I can't understand what's gone wrong with it.
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    Billy: Well, it don't make 'em runnin' scared.
    George Hanson: No, it makes 'em dangerous. Buh, neh! Neh! Neh! Neh! Swamp!
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    I hope the injuries were not too serious and that you recover soon. Hopefully, the bike is okay too. I don't know maybe ride with a GoPro or something. This guy needs to be caught.
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    People get made a bicycles because they can't go with traffic but yet people get mad when they hit bicycles...
    Makes a lot of sense :|

    I hope you get better so maybe you can find out who did it
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    I've had it happen twice. Both times it was a truck making a sudden right turn with no signal. Bruises and scrapes. Replacement parts.Education it road perils. Hope you knit up quick, and the guy who hit yous dick falls off.
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  7. KI got a really bad case of road rash from my ankle up to my knee, Mark on my helmet I don't think I'd be here! As far as the bike damage goes the only thing that got broken with a headlight and a right mirror.
    When I built this place I built it heavy duty. Not that I was going to beat I know but when I first hooked up with spoke wheels. Nan catastrophic fail with that pineapple mount.
    Chain went flying everywhere that's what I want heavy duty with everything mags engine mounts everything. I tell you though the pedals the brake handles the clutch everything was just completely and that is with grass after it went flying over the sidewalk. That I slid about 6 feet on. But I'll be fine I'm healing up good and I really appreciate everybody's concern. You are wonderful people.
    And like I always say have fun and be safe. Bob.
    I do have an idea about maybe who did this is old guy in a big ass pink Cadillac couple blocks away, I was going down the road it's a four-lane road, This guy came right up to me and his driver side mirror just my right mirror.
    He got away but I think because there's lots of ponds and open Fairways by my house. Crime at the end of the cul-de-sac. He took off like a bat Outta hell to his house. I asked him why the hell did you try to hit me let me off the road? His wife said you have no right being on the road! And then he started some gibberish yelling and screaming. I left the bigger man and just let it go. But I know where he lives and I'm waiting to look to see if he's got any mark on his front bumper?
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    A lot of cagers don't like bicycles, but they really go ape sh*t over motorized bicycles. Many people believe motorized should be outlawed. I believe this is due to how irresponsibly so many people ride them. Most of the MB riders around here shouldn't be allowed on a tricycle. The same thing happened with gopeds, and all of the cities around here finally outlawed them. Unfortunately the responsible riders have to put up with what the irresponsible ones cause. Hit and run is a felony, you must have some really bad cops in your town.
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    Damn, WCB, sorry to hear about that. Hope you feel better soon. I'm sure karma will get him eventually.
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    Jeesh! I hope you are healing up! I nearly got hit walking today and the people in the car screamed and swore at me. I stepped back onto the shoulder realizing they weren't paying attention and when the driver looked up swerved at the sight of me. They yelled out, nice place to stand #%^&%#! I yelled back, you're welcome #$%&$$%! If I were on a bike with less time to react they'd have killed me. I drove for a living (40 ft vehicles mostly) and I never was bothered by slowing and safely passing bikes and pedestrians. Now being on the pedestrian/bike side of things wow is scary out there!
    As for your butthead Neighbors, I hope Karma kicks him in the
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    This version of a bicycle recording camera recently hit the shelves. I picked up my Vivitar Action Cam from Walmart having the WiFi feature. I'm not familiar with GoPro cameras, but this may be a lower price similar type device. Body cameras probably are not much different. The WiFi feature perhaps offers the possibility of a real time wireless screen mounted on the handle bars. A wrist watch like device (included) wirelessly controls the camera.

    Vivitar action cam.JPG
    Hit and run, road rage, makes the hassle of using recording cameras worth while.
    Bicycle recording cameras should have their own forum thread; but as a out of the box quick test and evaluation, this product sold as a version 4, is usable as is. I have trouble believing the stats; but there appears to be enough 1080p recording time on a 32 gb memory card that is not necessary to use the available 3 min loop record and replace feature, making a troublesome (and not available) event shut off needed. Just turn in on and ride, let it save everything (5.5 hrs ?), delete manually and start over. It was also a surprise that it records sound; not bad for a family of devices under $100. As a quick mention, the 32 mb Micro SD (about $20) memory card is not included. The onboard viewing screen is easily scratched in particular when dinking around with the non waterproof mounting option. It takes a second charge to bring up a slow charging lithium battery.