Great Score!!!.......i think

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  1. 2 days ago on Craigslist I find a guy that for $275 will sell me a scooter with a
    Tanaka PF-40 without a carb and he also included another Tanaka 35cc, which fired up on 3 pulls cold.

    Needless to say I paid him.

    Funny thing is, I reposted the scooter frame back on craigslist for $150 and the SAME guy that sold it to me, bought back the frame for $100.

    $175 for 2 tanaka engines?.....Great Score!!!!?????

    I have read many posts here on MBc and a lot say that both engines are not worth their salt.

    Alot of the posts say 35mph plus speeds is just not possible with these stock kits, specifically the 40cc, they say that cuz of the Pure fire brand you needs to buy a different coil, intake and exhaust, blah blah. Basically a different engine...

    I guess I should hold my tongue until I run both engines on the GEBE and give them BOTH a fair shot at their performance.

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    Sounds like a wheelin deal!